LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 17 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sticking point? CRAW

5 Mixed __: MEDIA

10 Surveillance network, briefly: CCTV

14 Adonis: HUNK

15 Finals, e.g.: EXAMS

16 Vibe: AURA

17 Minty green cocktail? ASTROTURFHOPPER

20 Plunging neckline type: DEEPV

21 Island chain: LEI

22 Annoying: PESKY

23 Not an exact fig.: EST

25 __ King Cole: NAT

27 Easier to swallow? ASPARTAMECOATED

36 Panache: ELAN

37 Nœmero after cero: UNO

38 "Gypsy" (2008) Tony winner: LUPONE

39 Airs: SONGS

41 Pinnacle: TOP

43 "The Goldfinch" novelist Donna: TARTT

44 Code prohibiting singing? OMERTA

46 Trashy newspaper: RAG

48 Hard to find: RARE

49 Puritan preacher involved in the Salem Witch Trials? POLYESTERMATHER

52 Old records: LPS

53 Bobs and weaves: DOS

54 Eye color: HAZEL

58 "Barry" channel: HBO

60 Major religion of Indonesia: ISLAM

65 1934 Oscar-nominated film whose title hints at the wordplay in three other long answers: IMITATIONOFLIFE

68 Rackets: DINS

69 Yankee Candle emanation: AROMA

70 Retailer with a meatball recipe to make at "hšme": IKEA

71 Nervous: EDGY

72 Frisky swimmer: OTTER

73 Whimper: MEWL


1 Libya neighbor: CHAD

2 Deceptive ploy: RUSE

3 Poker entry fee: ANTE

4 Sitcom radio station: WKRP

5 Brave adversary? MET

6 Over the moon: EXULTANT

7 Take a risk: DARE

8 "Feeling good": IMFINE

9 E-cig's lack: ASH

10 Sleeveless garment: CAPE

11 Starbucks stack: CUPS

12 Cause of blisters, perhaps: TREK

13 Your mileage may __: VARY

18 Word after bowl or blow: OVER

19 Decline to participate: OPTOUT

24 Early Beatle Sutcliffe: STU

26 Oft-torn knee part: ACL

27 "Lion's share" originated from a story of his: AESOP

28 NBA replay aid: SLOMO

29 Group of pundits: PANEL

30 Seeing red: ANGRY

31 Demi of "Ghost": MOORE

32 Separated: APART

33 Word from the Hebrew for "teaching": TORAH

34 __ nous: ENTRE

35 Discourage: DETER

40 Designer McCartney: STELLA

42 "Please repeat that?": PARDONME

45 Egyptian viper: ASP

47 Controversial food letters: GMO

50 Many a souvenir: TSHIRT

51 "That'll be the day!": ASIF

54 Conceal: HIDE

55 Surrounded by: AMID

56 "Oh snap!": ZING

57 Handmade goods website: ETSY

59 Abrupt dismissal: BOOT

61 __ to none: bad odds: SLIM

62 Go for: LIKE

63 Several: AFEW

64 Event with courses: MEAL

66 Eastern "way": TAO

67 Shell mover: OAR

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