LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 17 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 17 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 17 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Parenting pair, perhaps: DADS

5 Word from the Aramaic for "father": ABBOT

10 Onetime capital of the Mughal Empire: AGRA

14 Throw off: EMIT

15 Ambition: DRIVE

16 Leftover bit: DREG

17 "The Chi" creator Waithe: LENA

18 Word with ice or rain: MAKER

19 Fermented seasoning: MISO

20 It may require some heavy lifting: EXERCISEREGIMEN

23 Leaves spots? TEAPOTS

24 Coastal hazard: TSUNAMI

25 Checks at the bar? ESTOPS

26 Phony: SHAM

27 "Mom" network: CBS

28 "Sunflower Seeds" artist Ai with an echoic name: WEIWEI

30 Go for the gold? SMELT

32 London's __ Modern: TATE

35 Dilutes: THINS

37 Laudatory poems: ODES

38 "Your Movie Sucks" author: EBERT

40 Old-style writing need: INKPOT

42 Get lost, say: ERR

43 Well's opposite: RARE

45 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty subjects: ABOMBS

49 Lincoln biographer: TARBELL


52 "Caste" author who was the first Black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in journalism: ISABELWILKERSON

54 Actress Sorvino: MIRA

55 Having ups and downs, in a way: TIDAL

56 Quatro x dos: OCHO

57 Subject for pastors and philosophers: EVIL

58 Where a 1980 "miracle" occurred: ONICE

59 String some words together? SLUR

60 Lick, maybe: SEAL

61 More out there: ODDER

62 Beneficiary of a Sonic boom? SEGA


1 Strike: DELETE

2 Charging choices: AMEXES

3 Patronize, as a bistro: DINEAT

4 Draw for some pictures: STARPOWER

5 Confesses: ADMITSIT

6 Top __: BRASS

7 Icon on some "Share the road" signs: BIKE

8 Analyze to a fault: OVERTHINK

9 Saint of çvila: TERESA

10 Forum overseer, briefly: ADMIN

11 Reacted to pain: GRIMACED

12 Share a look with? RESEMBLE

13 Ones in a struggle: AGONISTS

21 Manage: COPE

22 Periodontist's concern: GUMS

26 River in some Renoir paintings: SEINE

29 Dizzying, as a romance: WHIRLWIND

31 Contest with hogs: MOTOCROSS

32 Elements of a course schedule? TEETIMES

33 Irritating: ABRASIVE

34 Bottle garden relatives: TERRARIA

36 Fourth of July purchase: SPARKLER

39 The oldest known living one is named Methuselah: TREE

41 Orchestral tuner: OBOE

44 So very: ALLTOO

46 Brawn: MUSCLE

47 Fraternal greeting: BROHUG

48 Hispanic title: SENORA

50 Mavs' sport: BBALL

51 __ setting: PLACE

53 "It was me": IDID

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