LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 17 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 17 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 17 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Where regular payments are made: GASPUMPS

9 Arena cannon fodder? TSHIRT

15 Agent: EMISSARY

16 Weighs in: OPINES

17 Soybean product also called yuba: TOFUSKIN

18 "__ Butterfly": MADAMA

19 Stint for Bjšrn Borg or Bjšrk: SET

20 Get back: RECOVER

22 Messenger substance: RNA

23 Its services include water taxis: UBER

25 Give up: CEDE

26 Skinny one: SCRAG

28 Shunned ones: PARIAHS

30 Private phone connection: TIELINE

32 In vitro cells: OVA

33 Govt. bureau dealing with explosives: ATF

34 Memo abbr.: ATTN

35 Modern pizza option: GLUTENFREECRUST

40 Collateral takeback, for short: REPO

41 You can still blow it up after you pop it: GUM

42 Loafer letters: EEE

43 Certain radio receiver: AMTUNER

45 Debate-ending procedure: CLOTURE

49 Lasso feature: NOOSE

50 __ trip: ROAD

52 Pet reindeer in "Frozen": SVEN

53 Chapel Hill inst.: UNC

54 It stops the bleeding: STYPTIC

57 Post-Civil War pres.: USG

58 Chinese philosophy mainstay: LAOTSE

60 Mongo Santamaria jazz standard whose title is rhymed with "cocoa hue" in Oscar Brown Jr.'s lyrics: AFROBLUE

62 Introduces: ADDSIN

63 Reach the limit: HITAWALL

64 Stank up a storm: REEKED

65 They do dos: STYLISTS


1 Rises: GETSUP

2 Protozoan genus: AMOEBA

3 Baker's tool: SIFTER

4 Nittany Lions' sch.: PSU

5 Foe in a four-plus-decade "war": USSR

6 Break bread? MAKECHANGE

7 Consumer Reports data: PRICES

8 Church council: SYNOD

9 "As I see it ... ": TOME

10 Not at all all over: SPARSE

11 Secreted: HID

12 First director to win back-to-back Oscars since Mankiewicz: INARRITU

13 Left things: REMNANTS

14 One screening fliers: TSAAGENT

21 Chevy sportster: VETTE

24 Unrestrained: RIOTOUS

27 Some reds: CLARETS

29 "__ Maria": AVE

31 "That wasn't exactly honorable of me, was it": IFEELDIRTY

33 Branch: ARM

35 Finely detailed: GRANULAR

36 Drink from a stand: LEMONADE

37 In line with safety regulations: UPTOCODE

38 Like a fox: FURRY

39 Boardroom cheese? CEO

44 Mythical Highlander: NESSIE

45 Conniption: CATFIT

46 Palate protrusions: UVULAS

47 Spring (from): RESULT

48 Editor of two "Das Kapital" volumes: ENGELS

51 Warm-blooded fish: OPAHS

55 Take care of: TEND

56 Holiday stocking bummer: COAL

59 "You messed up": TSK

61 MD airport: BWI

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