LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 17 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jokingly: INFUN

6 Cashed, as a bad check: KITED

11 "The __": Uris novel: HAJ

14 Far from cramped: ROOMY

15 Bakery offering that's always free? AROMA

16 Orangutan, e.g.: APE

17 Best Actress Oscar nominee for "The Dark Angel" (1935): MERLEOBERON

19 Rage: IRE

20 Wasatch Mountains ski resort: ALTA

21 Recreation with skis or sneakers: RUNS

22 Swamp thing: GATOR

24 Unpretentious ancestry: HUMBLEORIGINS

27 Religious devotion: PIETY

29 GPS approx.: ETA

30 8 Series automaker: BMW

31 Drawing contest? RAFFLE

36 Contended: VIED

40 Felony, e.g.: JAILABLEOFFENSE

43 "Auld Lang __": SYNE

44 Reduced-rate hotel offering: DAYUSE

45 Big gp. of towers? AAA

46 Fort Collins sch.: CSU

48 Tycoon: MOGUL

50 Former First Lady behind the "Let's Move!" initiative: MICHELLEOBAMA

57 "Modern Family" actress Winter: ARIEL

58 In the old days: ONCE

59 "And so ... ": ERGO

62 Cab alternative: ZIN

63 Courageous ... like 17-, 24-, 40- and 50-Across? LIONHEARTED

66 Key that will get you out of a window: ESC

67 One Time? ISSUE

68 Shadowfax, to Gandalf: STEED

69 Library reminder: SHH

70 "A League of __ Own": THEIR

71 Tom who voices Woody in "Toy Story" films: HANKS


1 Destructive 2017 hurricane: IRMA

2 Yuletide tune: NOEL

3 Golf announcer's call before a potential victory putt: FORTHEWIN

4 Mötley Crüe piece: UMLAUT

5 Lab-coated TV educator: NYE

6 Afghanistan's capital: KABUL

7 Adler of Sherlock Holmes fame: IRENE

8 Artist's trunk? TORSO

9 Paramore genre: EMO

10 "Rats!": DANGIT

11 Hispaniola nation: HAITI

12 Kitchen wear: APRON

13 Catcalls: JEERS

18 Pluto, but not Goofy: ORB

23 Tequila plant: AGAVE

25 British pianist Hess: MYRA

26 Coral phenomena: REEFS

27 Lunches with Jif: PBJS

28 "Perhaps": IMAY

32 "Rush Rush" singer: ABDUL

33 Hardly an orange-free st.: FLA

34 "30 Rock" creator: FEY

35 Singer Reed: LOU

37 TV's "Barefoot Contessa": INAGARTEN

38 Genesis twin: ESAU

39 "So here's the __": DEAL

41 Monterrey milk: LECHE

42 1-Down relief org.: FEMA

47 Be convincing: SELLIT

49 Code of silence: OMERTA

50 Confounding layouts: MAZES

51 Like some coffee and ales: IRISH

52 Snap: CINCH

53 Baggy: LOOSE

54 World-weariness: ENNUI

55 Yellowish brown: OCHER

56 6th of December? BEE

60 Participant in a Mac-vs-PC argument, maybe: GEEK

61 Payout determinant: ODDS

64 Kinda-sorta: ISH

65 BBQ residue: ASH

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