LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 17 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 *Ready to set sail, say: ONBOARD

8 Diplomatic rep.: AMB

11 Machines with Windows, briefly: PCS

14 More tired: WEARIER

15 Foe of Chiang: MAO

16 Swing, jazz or rock 'n' roll: ERA

17 *1950s sitcom co-star: LUCILLEBALL

19 Early internet company: AOL

20 Investor's purchase: Abbr.: STK

21 Amazement: AWE

22 German cameras: LEICAS

24 Bashful: SHY

26 *Hester Prynne's mark of shame: SCARLETA

28 No-no: TABOO

31 Continental coins: EUROS

32 "Inside the NBA" analyst Shaq: ONEAL

33 Returning GI's diagnosis: PTSD

34 Capitol Hill helper: AIDE

38 Musically monotonous: ONENOTE

40 Collection of sacred songs: PSALTER

42 Geeky type: NERD

43 19-Across et al.: ISPS

45 Lazy __: revolving tray: SUSAN

46 December mall figure: SANTA

48 Foolish: INANE

49 *"Which side of the debate will you argue?": PROORCON

52 June honoree: DAD

53 Really bothers: EATSAT

54 Fair-hiring inits.: EEO

56 Wood for bats: ASH

59 Home security co.: ADT

60 *Culpable one: GUILTYPARTY

64 Fairway position: LIE

65 Bruins legend: ORR

66 Answered: REPLIED

67 Title for Elton: SIR

68 Once called: NEE

69 Chess match climax, and what the last word of each answer to a starred clue can have: ENDGAME


1 Hooting birds: OWLS

2 Not masc. or fem.: NEUT

3 Begin to parallel park, with "in": BACK

4 "... __ quit!": ORI

5 Feel crummy: AIL

6 Race with batons: RELAY

7 Sketched: DREW

8 Org. with a Health Care Advocacy web page: AMA

9 Ducks whose males have green heads: MALLARDS

10 Slow-tempo Spanish dance: BOLERO

11 Quiet partner: PEACE

12 Zagreb native: CROAT

13 Taco topper: SALSA

18 Harass: BESET

23 "Casablanca" heroine: ILSALUND

24 Stinkers: SOANDSOS

25 Prefix with gram: HOLO

27 Zodiac borders: CUSPS

28 Bugs Bunny or Bullwinkle: TOON

29 Lestat creator Rice: ANNE

30 Bar pint contents: BEER

33 Sauce with basil: PESTO

35 "__ miracle!": ITSA

36 College faculty head: DEAN

37 Shore bird: ERNE

39 __ of iodine: antiseptic: TINCTURE

41 China's continent: ASIA

44 Group of jurors: PANEL

47 Ferdinand II's realm: ARAGON

49 Rings, as a bell: PEALS

50 Bike spokes, geometrically: RADII

51 Furry aquatic mammal: OTTER

52 Elder statesman: DOYEN

55 To be, in Tours: ETRE

56 Puccini piece: ARIA

57 Pipe part: STEM

58 Stevenson's villainous Mr.: HYDE

61 Wrath: IRE

62 Scoreboard abbr. for a rainout: PPD

63 High school subj.: ALG

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