LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 17 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Reduction in hostility: THAW

5 Kind of palm: SAGO

9 Like some fall days: NIPPY

14 Act cautiously (beginning): WALK

15 Sandwich order: WRAP

16 Asteroids producer: ATARI


19 Ruhr Valley city: ESSEN

20 Kia model: RIO

21 "Good __!": IDEA

22 Pry: SNOOP

23 Fine restaurants cater to them: PALATES

25 Require formality (beginning): STAND

26 Live mixers: DJS

27 (End): CEREMONY

30 Web company with a bang: YAHOO

33 Lisbon greeting: OLA

34 Color of Death's dart, in "Venus and Adonis": EBON

35 Thurman on screen: UMA

36 Fragrant Asian rice: BASMATI

40 Name of 13 popes: LEO

41 First name in raga: RAVI

43 Vacillate (beginning): SIT

44 Explosive trial: NTEST

46 (End): THEFENCE

48 Jenny's offspring: ASS

49 Ski equipment: POLES

50 Hot-melt adhesive applier: GLUEGUN

54 Result of rounding, perhaps: ERROR

55 Have financial difficulties (beginning): FALL

56 Zoo draw: APE

57 The John B, e.g.: SLOOP


60 "Day after day, __ on a hill ... ": Beatles: ALONE

61 Classic Callas role: AIDA

62 One left in a cashier's dish: CENT

63 Sidewalk lunch spots: CAFES

64 Meredith in a longtime medical drama: GREY

65 Archaeological finds: URNS


1 Pipsqueak: TWERP

2 __ Sophia: Turkish mosque: HAGIA

3 Computer language family: ALGOL

4 Cal. units: WKS

5 Uppsala natives: SWEDES

6 Van Gogh setting: ARLES

7 Charity event: GALA

8 Photo __: OPS

9 Dance done to the 2015 hit "Watch Me": NAENAE

10 "I'll get this": ITSONME

11 Traditional Spanish dance derived from a military march: PASODOBLE

12 __ school: PREP

13 Feminine side: YIN

18 Mob assignment: HITJOB

22 Fender guitar model, familiarly: STRAT

24 Big fuss: ADO

25 Ward of "The Fugitive": SELA

27 Title in a Dumas title: COMTE

28 Rejections: NOES

29 2010 Ringo Starr album: YNOT

30 Home on the Asian steppes: YURT

31 Eastern nanny: AMAH

32 Stand ready to accuse: HAVEPROOF

37 Moore co-star: ASNER

38 Incites to attack: SICS

39 Put down: INSULT

42 "If you ask me ... ": IFORONE

45 "Cats" poet's monogram: TSE

47 Skips the ceremony: ELOPES

48 When some diners serve breakfast: ALLDAY

50 Musketeer's word: GARDE

51 League of Legends fanatic, e.g.: GAMER

52 Sch. founded by Franklin: UPENN

53 Loons' lodgings: NESTS

54 Purnell of "Churchill": ELLA

55 __ trade: FAIR

57 Pouch: SAC

58 Witch: HAG

59 Post-op stop: ICU

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