LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 17 May 2017

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Los Angeles Times 17 May 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 17 May 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Produced, biblically speaking: BEGAT

6 Racetrack stops: PITS

10 Finance majors' degs.: MBAS

14 Kagan associate: ALITO

15 Not yet out of the running: INIT

16 Strong lobby for seniors: AARP

17 One who wants to come home? BASERUNNER

19 Insanity, in court: PLEA

20 Makes eligible for, with "to": ENTITLES

21 Sign up: ENLIST

23 Albacore, e.g.: TUNA

24 Price of a crosstown ride: FARE

25 19th Greek letter: TAU

28 Eight pts.: GAL

29 "Just think!": IMAGINE

33 In unfamiliar territory: ATSEA

35 "An Officer and a Gentleman" star: GERE

37 Black, in poetry: EBON

38 Castro of Cuba: RAUL

39 Adjust to fit: ALTER

40 Statistician Silver of ESPN's FiveThirtyEight: NATE

41 British baby buggy: PRAM

42 "The cow is of the bovine ilk / One end is moo, the other, milk" poet: NASH

43 Floppy disk successor: CDROM

44 Solemn ending? SILENTN

46 Vote in favor: YEA

48 What's up to you? SKY

49 Cheese coat: RIND

50 TiVo products: DVRS

52 Confuse: BAFFLE

55 Canopy creators ... or what can literally be found in 6-, 10-, 24- and 34-Down: TREETOPS

59 Free speech org.: ACLU

60 Three, to nine: SQUAREROOT

62 Get rid of: SHED

63 Change directions: TURN

64 Box cutter insert: RAZOR

65 Top dog: HEAD

66 Not hard: SOFT

67 Prefix with foam: STYRO


1 Innocent one: BABE

2 Panache: ELAN

3 Heart of the matter: GIST

4 Absorbed the loss: ATEIT

5 Haitian island whose name is Spanish for "turtle": TORTUGA

6 Brain part that produces melatonin: PINEALGLAND

7 Overnight stops: INNS

8 50-50, e.g.: TIE

9 Party decoration: STREAMER

10 Cartographer's table: MAPLEGEND

11 Indonesian island: BALI

12 "Iliad" war god: ARES

13 Petty argument: SPAT

18 Forearm part: ULNA

22 New Deal prog.: NRA

24 Reason for a parking restriction: FIREHYDRANT

25 Camping cover-ups: TARPS

26 Centipede creator: ATARI

27 Garden-variety: USUAL

30 Bridge beams: IBARS

31 Against the rules: NOTOK

32 Redcoat, to a Minuteman: ENEMY

34 "Wascally wabbit" hunter: ELMERFUDD

36 Sci-fi visitors: ETS

39 Colonies crawling with critters: ANTNESTS

43 Board game with an "Unemployment Office" corner: CAREERS

45 Zip: NIL

47 Penultimate word of many fairy tales: EVER

51 Classic guitar, briefly: STRAT

52 Shindig: BASH

53 Bruise symptom: ACHE

54 One in the doghouse? FLEA

55 Gang land: TURF

56 Like slime: OOZY

57 Substandard: POOR

58 Houston athlete, for short: STRO

61 Status __: QUO

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