LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 17 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 VMI program: ROTC

5 �s-�s courtroom drama: LALAW

10 On-call worker: TEMP

14 Assert as true: AVER

15 Three-time A.L. batting champ Tony: OLIVA

16 Pupil誷 place: UVEA


20 Tetra- doubled: OCTA

21 Atonement: AMENDS

22 Confuse: ADDLE

25 Wrigley brand: ORBIT


31 Geological time span: EON

32 Carpenter誷 joint element: TENON

33 Hiccup cause: SPASM

36 Genesis voyager: NOAH

38 Protector with strings: APRON

40 Mlle., across the Pyrenees: SRTA

41 God of Islam: ALLAH

43 Called from the field: LOWED

45 Bordeaux vineyard: CRU


49 Rural wagons: DRAYS

50 Response at the door: ITSME

51 Fair-hiring problem: AGEISM

54 襂 don誸 like your __�: TONE


62 Tierra en el mar: ISLA

63 Force to leave: EXILE

64 Personification of victory: NIKE

65 Dance basic: STEP

66 Shemar誷 longtime 褻riminal Minds� role: DEREK

67 Plus: ALSO


1 One of five characters on 襎he Big Bang Theory� to appear in every episode: RAJ

2 Ab __: from the start: OVO

3 Cube root of 1,000: TEN

4 Spicy cuisine: CREOLE

5 Plunder: LOOT

6 Italian wheels, briefly: ALFA

7 Ad-__: LIB

8 Director DuVernay: AVA

9 Horseradish relative: WASABI

10 Casual summer garments: TUBETOPS

11 Former Indiana governor Bayh: EVAN

12 Amalgamate: MELD

13 Chums: PALS

18 Crime scene clue, maybe: SCENT

19 Arab bigwigs: EMIRS

22 Gemini rocket stage: AGENA

23 Eagerly anticipate, with 襬ver�: DROOL

24 North America誷 highest peak: DENALI

25 Fragrant: ODOROUS

26 Fame: RENOWN

28 Large expanse: SEA

29 Part of the picture: INPLAY

30 Busters: NARCOS

34 Four-decades-plus first name in the Senate: STROM

35 Title role for Bea: MAUDE

37 Links equalizer: HANDICAP

39 Take-home: NET

42 Tough to hear, as criticism: HARSH

44 Like embers: DYING

47 Stuck: JAMMED

48 Medit. tourist attraction: MTETNA

51 Author Martin: AMIS

52 Unexpected blow: GUST

53 Couture monthly: ELLE

54 Roof piece: TILE

55 Fraction of a meg: ONEK

57 Men誷 grooming brand: AXE

58 Aperitif named for a former Dijon mayor: KIR

59 Good thing to strike: OIL

60 Signs off on: OKS

61 Sign of summer: LEO

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