LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 17 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 17 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 17 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Please stay": DONTGO

7 Fallopian tube neighbor: OVARY

12 __ Beta Kappa: PHI

15 Just peachy, in old slang: OKE

18 Tool for winter fishing: ICESAW

19 "I swear!": NOLIE

20 Royal problem? PAIN

21 Superhero sound effect: POW

22 Mad money? STEAMEDCLAMS

24 Lingerie brand: OLGA

25 Chapter in history: ERA

26 Close-knit team: CADRE

27 Navel type: OUTIE

28 Grant money? WISHBONES

30 Takes too much, briefly: ODS

31 The OED's 21,728, e.g.: PAGES

33 Australian rockers __ at Work: MEN

34 Shoot for: AIMAT

35 Voice below soprano: ALTO

36 French toppers: BERETS

39 NFL pass rushers, as a unit: DLINE

40 Hot money? BUFFALOBILLS

45 They're used for emphasis: ITALICS

47 Olympian Bolt: USAIN

48 Bit of info: DATUM

49 Nasty type: MEANIE

50 Social media pic that may go viral: MEME

51 Intrinsically: PERSE

52 Ransom money? SPRINGROLL

56 Amtrak track: RAIL

57 Talk Like a Pirate Day word: ARR

58 Undoing: BANE

60 "What else could it be?!": DUH

61 Go head to head: VIE

62 From sunup to sundown: ALLDAY

64 Afterwords: EPILOGS

67 Greek goddess of wisdom: ATHENA

69 Hawaiian staple: POI

70 Gamer's complaint: LAG

72 Arrived at, as a conclusion: DREW

73 BuzzFeed reaction button: LOL

75 Wears on: IRKS

76 Old money? STALEBREAD

79 Dishes out incautiously: SLOPS

81 Sister of Rachel: LEAH

82 Mercedes-Benz sedan line: ECLASS

83 "What are you gonna do about it?!": SUEME

84 Put on: STAGE

85 Should really: HADBEST

87 Paper money? EDITORSNOTES

89 Type of drum or dance: CONGA

90 Cassock wearer: PRIEST

92 Long, long time: AEON

93 Heavenly body? ANGEL

94 Bear in Baja: OSO

95 Seder staple: MATZO

97 Pres. when Sputnik was launched: DDE

100 Bad money? SOURDOUGH

103 Hindu teacher: SWAMI

105 Rumble in the Jungle setting: ZAIRE

107 Celtic Sea land, to the IOC: IRL

108 Hard end? WARE

109 Smart money? SHARPCHEDDAR

111 Wonderland drink: TEA

112 "I would consider __ honor": ITAN

113 Backwoods type: YOKEL

114 Self-referential "Don't you think?": ARENTI

115 Fizzy prefix: AER

116 Flyers' org.: NHL

117 Witherspoon of "Wild": REESE

118 African pest: TSETSE


1 '70s music genre: DISCO

2 Pie slices, often: OCTAD

3 Water and air, e.g.: NEEDS

4 Peter the Great, e.g.: TSAR

5 Strategy: GAMEPLAN

6 Be indebted to: OWE

7 As expected: ONCUE

8 Battery count: VOLTS

9 Jai __: ALAI

10 Ancient mariner's story, e.g.: RIME

11 Positive answer: YES

12 Besties: PALS

13 Runner's __: HIGH

14 Unfavorably: INABADLIGHT

15 Feature of club nights for comic wannabes: OPENMIC

16 Main cast of "Parasite," e.g.: KOREANS

17 Discarded old PCs, say: EWASTE

20 Finer-tipped: POINTIER

23 Well-intentioned humanitarian: DOGOODER

28 Like a bairn: WEE

29 Fried foods, vis-à-vis baked ones: OILIER

32 Georgia airport code: ATL

33 Dash in a spice rack? MRS

35 Word rarely used without "far": AFIELD

36 Living symbol of happiness: BLUEBIRD

37 State tree of Massachusetts: ELM

38 No-nonsense: STAID

40 Undeserved punishments: BUMRAPS

41 Rely heavily on: USEALOT

42 Hermanos, primas, etcétera: FAMILIA

43 Ballet-inspired workout method: BARRE

44 Oft-mispunctuated word: ITS

46 Time Person of the Year et al.: ANNUALS

49 Compressed file format: MPEG

51 Accounts __: PAYABLE

52 Ski slope apparel: SNOWSUIT

53 Stuff oneself silly: OVEREAT

54 Connection: LINKAGE

55 Pet control aids: LEASHES

59 Tavern mugful: ALE

63 Tina Fey's boss on "30 Rock": ALECBALDWIN

65 Devices made largely obsolete by smartphones: PDAS

66 NFL ref's review aid: SLOMO

68 Multinational hotel chain: HILTON

71 Understand: GRASP

74 Like many La Scala productions: OPERATIC

77 Bookkeeper's book: LEDGER

78 Ovarian hormone: ESTROGEN

80 Rent: LET

83 '60s protest gp.: SDS

84 Big bores: SNOOZERS

85 Special guest, perhaps: HONOREE

86 Like many Cubist paintings: ANGULAR

87 Fair-hiring inits.: EEO

88 "__ me!": SEZ

89 Bolivian bungalow: CASITA

91 Sorta cousin: ISH

95 Former fillies: MARES

96 More than enough: AMPLE

97 "__ We Almost Have It All": DIDNT

98 Mildly annoyed cries: DRATS

99 Unnerving: EERIE

101 Swear words? OATH

102 River through Orsk: URAL

103 Pump, e.g.: SHOE

104 Aftermath: WAKE

106 "Zip-__-Doo-Dah": ADEE

109 Home of many 2010s refugees: Abbr.: SYR

110 Magician's source of surprises: HAT

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