LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 17 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Item sold with an envelope: CARD

5 Olive Garden selections: PASTAS

11 "Dropped" drug: LSD

14 Nabisco cookie: OREO

15 Wool source: ALPACA

16 Reverent feeling: AWE

17 *Saddle attachment for a tall jockey? LONGSTIRRUP

19 "__ I help you?": CAN

20 Supplement: ADDTO

21 Sweet potato kin: YAM

22 Targets: AIMS

23 Oodles: ALOT

26 "I Dream of __": JEANNIE

28 *Stevedore school instruction? CARGOTRAINING

32 "A Sorta Fairytale" singer Tori: AMOS

33 Shop __ you drop: TIL

34 Thaw, as a wing: DEICE

37 Familial nickname: SIS

38 Billiards stick: POOLCUE

41 Org. with seven teams in Canada: NHL

42 One-named "Hello" singer: ADELE

44 Swiss peak: ALP

45 Air conditioner nos.: BTUS

46 *Relaxing exercise for skydivers? PARACHUTEYOGA

50 Beach scavenger: SEAGULL

52 Tusked beast: BOAR

53 See 69-Across: WARS

54 "WandaVision" actress Dennings: KAT

56 Thesaurus name: ROGET

60 Pretty-picture link: ASA

61 Trousers, and what the answer to each starred clue literally is: PAIROFPANTS

64 Albertan's last letter: ZED

65 __ milk: ALMOND

66 Polling results, say: DATA

67 Project conclusion? ILE

68 Title usually abbreviated: MISTER

69 With 53-Across, "The Mandalorian" franchise: STAR


1 Fast-food beverage: COLA

2 Three-time A.L. MVP: AROD

3 Tear apart: REND

4 Military IDs: DOGTAGS

5 Basketball coach Summitt in the Hall of Fame: PAT

6 "Baby Cobra" comedian Wong: ALI

7 Nimble: SPRY

8 __ P. Henson of "Empire": TARAJI

9 Keen insight: ACUMEN

10 Tree goo: SAP

11 Giving an earful: LACINGINTO

12 Hindu teacher: SWAMI

13 Tightly packed: DENSE

18 Recital piece: SOLO

22 Novelist Tyler: ANNE

24 Miranda of "Homeland": OTTO

25 Rascal Flatts, e.g.: TRIO

27 Deputy: AIDE

28 Where to find a cocina: CASA

29 In a group of: AMID

30 Annual floral procession in Pasadena: ROSEPARADE

31 God to more than two billion: ALLAH

35 Guzzle: CHUG

36 "Frozen" sister: ELSA

38 Chile neighbor: PERU

39 Driver or putter: CLUB

40 Capable of: UPTO

43 Drops back: LAGS

45 Detour routes, often: BYROADS

47 High-pH compound: ALKALI

48 Insurance filings: CLAIMS

49 Wyatt of the Old West: EARP

50 Language of Southern Africa: SWAZI

51 Artist's stand: EASEL

55 Brisk pace: TROT

57 Puny pest: GNAT

58 Blues legend James: ETTA

59 Russian sovereign: TSAR

61 Nonstick spray brand: PAM

62 Common Scrabble tile value: ONE

63 Pres. on a dime: FDR

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