LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 17 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Touch off: SPARK

6 Electrical unit: OHM

9 What wind ensembles usually tune to: BFLAT

14 Actress Anouk whose last name means "beloved": AIMEE

15 Place for grazing: LEA

16 Appreciative cry: BRAVO

17 Travelocity ad figure: GNOME

18 "Hotel du __": Anita Brookner novel: LAC

19 Still: QUIET

20 Fabulous writer? AESOP

21 Roth __: IRA

22 Washer function: RINSE

23 Production capacity review: LINEAUDIT

26 Refused: SAIDNO

29 Very deep places: ABYSMS

33 Shore soarer: ERN

34 Bellyachers: GRIPERS

38 Excessively: TOO

39 Work (on), as 9-Down: GNAW

41 "__ Romance": Jerome Kern song: AFINE

42 TV princess: XENA

43 Radam├ęs' love: AIDA

44 Cover letter letters: ENC

45 Far from bold: MEEK

46 Pentax competitor: LEICA

48 Cholesterol initials: LDL

49 Hides: PELTS

50 "U slay me!": LOL

51 Chorus syllable: TRA

52 Travelers' bus.: INS

53 Teddy's Mount Rushmore neighbor: ABE

55 Kitchen appliance: GASOVEN

58 Inflation fig.: PSI

61 Office fasteners: JUMBOPAPERCLIPS

64 Like battleships: ARMORED

65 Get by the sentry: SNEAKIN

66 Looked inside, in a way: XRAYED

67 Show the ropes: ORIENT


1 It's a long story: SAGA

2 Flooring wood: PINE

3 "The Cookie Never Crumbles" co-author Wally: AMOS

4 Alter the shape of: REMOLD

5 Custody: KEEPING

6 Kukla cohort: OLLIE

7 With 36-Down, what you can't do regarding this puzzle's circled letters: HEARA

8 Portuguese territory until 1999: MACAU

9 Pitmaster's offering: BBQRIBS

10 Like dessert wines: FRUITY

11 "... this skull has __ in the earth ... ": Hamlet: LAIN

12 Urban rtes.: AVES

13 Membership drive gift: TOTE

24 "The Thin Man" role: NORA

25 Have what it takes: DARE

26 "The Goldbergs" actor George: SEGAL

27 Links legend, familiarly: ARNIE

28 Conflicted: INADILEMMA

30 Classic golf shoe feature: STEELSPIKE

31 "Haystacks" series painter: MONET

32 Overcharges: SOAKS

35 "That really depressed me": IFELTSAD

36 See 7-Down ... or, with "a," what you can see in this puzzle's circled letters: PINDROP

37 Isolated communities: ENCLAVES

40 City south of Fort Worth: WACO

42 Magneto's enemies: XMEN

47 Sharer of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize: ALGORE

49 One of a gripping tool pair: PINCER

53 Trojan War hero: AJAX

54 "Hamilton" role: BURR

56 Mocked: APED

57 Puzzlemaker Rubik: ERNO

59 Go around: SPIN

60 Hall & Oates' "Say It __ So": ISNT

62 Son: BOY

63 My __, Vietnam: LAI

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