LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 November 2017

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Los Angeles Times 17 November 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 November 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Holy cow!": SCOTT

6 "Atta girl!": JOB

9 Like thinkers: MINDS

14 Group that bestows a "Select" distinction on five board games annually: MENSA

15 Barnyard mother: EWE

16 Paris parting: ADIEU

17 Arkansas' __ National Forest: OZARK

18 X, maybe: TEN

19 Something to talk about: TOPIC

20 Kit__ bar: KAT

21 Ones responsible for paper cuts, briefly? EDS

23 Comedian Rogan: JOE

25 39-Acr. locale: PRC

26 Like Vivaldi's "Spring": INE

27 More diverse: MOTLIER

29 Suffix with brom-: IDE

30 "Bambi" doe: ENA

31 Jane of fiction: EYRE

32 __ Island: NYC prison site: RIKERS

34 Blood fluids: SERA

36 Director Riefenstahl: LENI

38 Buenos __: AIRES

39 Landmark that, in a way, is a border feature of this puzzle and a hint to what's missing from 10 answers: GREATWALL

42 Gumby's pony: POKEY

45 Othello, for one: MOOR

46 Workers' rights org.: NLRB

50 "... through __ window breaks?": YONDER

52 Together, in Toulon: UNIE

54 Back to front? IER

55 Line score initials: RHE

56 Taken (with): SMITTEN

58 Egg: Pref.: OVI

59 In the manner of: ALA

60 P.O. box item: ENV

61 Short order? BLT

62 Badminton need: NET

63 Familia member: MADRE

65 Tuna variety: AHI

67 Tippett's "King Priam," for one: OPERA

69 "King Priam" is based on it: ILIAD

70 "Kidding!": NOT

71 Argentine soccer superstar: MESSI

72 Dogs in the AKC's Working Group: DANES

73 Bonobo, for one: APE

74 Wheeler Peak's national park: BASIN


1 Blue Ridge range: SMOKIES

2 "The Card Players" artist: CEZANNE

3 Winning steadily: ONATEAR

4 Train syst. across Russia: TSR

5 "I wanna go too!": TAKEME

6 LAX-to-JFK flight shortener: JETSTREAM

7 Be shy: OWE

8 Dog star: BENJI

9 Stand-up's need: MATERIAL

10 Words often heard after "shall live?": IDO

11 Colder: NIPPIER

12 Tragic heroine of Irish legend: DEIRDRE

13 Considerable achievement: SUCCESS

22 Watson's creator: DOYLE

24 Anthem preposition: OER

28 Offered free use of, as a library book: LENTOUT

33 Pottery oven: KILN

35 Treated like wine: AGED

37 "You're safe with me": IWONTBITE

40 Some field starters: RYESEEDS

41 Red-headed Disney princess: ARIEL

42 Oldest of the Seven Wonders: PYRAMID

43 "Très chic!": OOHLALA

44 Add, as raisins to bread dough: KNEADIN

47 Elsa or Nala: LIONESS

48 Game with two-toned discs: REVERSI

49 Scotland's island: BRITAIN

51 Watergate pres.: RMN

53 Lay to rest: ENTOMB

57 Donald Jr.'s mom: IVANA

64 Singer Carly __ Jepsen: RAE

66 Hip follower: HOP

68 Green sphere: PEA

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