LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 17 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 17 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 17 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Divided equally: INHALF

7 They're inseparable, briefly: BFFS

11 Test subjects: IQS

14 Head scratcher? NOOGIE

15 One may be on the house: LIEN

16 McDonald's supply item: BUN

17 Main floor, often: GROUNDLEVEL

19 One-named "Chandelier" singer: SIA

20 John/Rice musical: AIDA

21 Support for PBS' "The Joy of Painting"? EASEL

22 Cherokee, for one: JEEP

23 Hosp. staffers: RNS

24 Needles: TAUNTS

26 Frog foot feature: PAD

29 Disreputable sort: CAD

30 Head lines? EEGS



38 Therapy appointment, say: ONEONONESESSION

39 Sound: HALE

40 Border: HEM

41 Early Beatle Sutcliffe: STU

42 Garlicky dish: SCAMPI

45 Convened: MET

46 Like candles: WAXY

47 Handed out: DEALT

49 Gambler's giveaway: TELL

53 MSNBC host Melber: ARI

54 Sylvia Plath title woman: LADYLAZARUS

56 Low: MOO

57 What glasses are often for: EYES

58 Dolores Haze, to Humbert: LOLITA

59 PC pioneer: IBM

60 Ain't better? ISNT

61 Gift that's heartfelt and often heart-shaped: LOCKET


1 "Young Frankenstein" lab assistant: INGA

2 "Me neither": NORI

3 Sweatshirt feature, perhaps: HOOD

4 Taqueria drink: AGUA

5 Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer: LIN

6 America has ten of them: FEDERALHOLIDAYS

7 Approve: BLESS

8 Fin: FIVE


10 Show with Kate McKinnon, to fans: SNL

11 Gabler's creator: IBSEN

12 Relaxed: QUIET

13 Ginger treats: SNAPS

18 Explosive situation, metaphorically: LANDMINE

22 Mots __: perfect words: JUSTES

25 Concern in hiring practices: AGEISM

26 Old El __: Tex-Mex brand: PASO

27 Right away, in verse: ANON

28 Small change: DIME

29 Snooze: CATNAP

30 Off-white: EGGSHELL

32 "Geez Louise": MEOHMY

33 Chemical suffix: ANE

34 Flower from the Greek for "rainbow": IRIS

35 Annie Lennox, by birth: SCOT

36 List with starters: MENU

42 Pundit: SWAMI

43 Chocolate substitute: CAROB

44 Truism: AXIOM

45 "That time of year thou __ in me behold": Shak.: MAYST

48 Blissful land: EDEN

49 After-shower application: TALC

50 Two-time NHL Norris Trophy winner Karlsson: ERIK

51 Minstrel's strings: LUTE

52 Hurdle for aspiring attys.: LSAT

54 Festive party accessory: LEI

55 Wild place: ZOO

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