LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 17 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 17 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 17 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Encore!": AGAIN

6 Small strings: UKES

10 Big zero: NADA

14 Ballet bend that's a homophone for a cheese dish: FONDU

15 One chip, maybe: ANTE

16 Love, in Lima: AMOR

17 Cook, i.e.? BAKEDTREAT

19 Canceled: NOGO

20 1953 Alan Ladd classic: SHANE

21 Many a dictator's quality: EGOMANIA

23 Pink, i.e.? LITTLEFINGER

25 Actress Ryan of "Courage Under Fire": MEG

28 Nickname of 1950s Reds slugger Ted: KLU

29 Meds-approving agcy.: FDA

30 Climbing vine: IVY

31 Brian of Roxy Music: ENO

33 Upright: ONEND


42 Elevator stop: FLOOR

43 Leaves in small bags: TEA

44 Pitcher's stat: ERA

45 Univ. dorm mentors: RAS

47 Enero begins it: ANO

49 __ Jones: DOW

50 E'er, i.e.? BONECHILLING

56 City north of Des Moines: AMESIOWA

57 Must-haves: NEEDS

60 Stare open-mouthed: GAWP

61 Sort, i.e.? AIRMISSION

64 Inner: Prefix: ENTO

65 USAF noncom: TSGT

66 Lombardy's land: ITALY

67 Smartphone call record, say: LIST

68 Citi Field predecessor: SHEA

69 Pluralizers: ESSES


1 Edwards, in Calif.: AFB

2 Dress like, for the costume party: GOAS

3 Egyptian cross: ANKH

4 Utopian: IDEAL

5 Annoying sort: NUDNIK

6 Old Mideast alliance: Abbr.: UAR

7 Show respect, in a way: KNEEL

8 Eiffel Tower level: ETAGE

9 Detonate: SETOFF

10 Part of the "Hey Jude" refrain: NANANANA

11 "You're __ friends": AMONG

12 Range rover? DOGIE

13 Loud, as a crowd: AROAR

18 Big name in 43-Across: TETLEY

22 Pain relief brand marketed to women: MIDOL

24 Ditty: TUNE

25 Annoy: MIFF

26 Like villains: EVIL

27 Greek lamb sandwich: GYRO

32 Breakfast cereal grain: OAT

34 Checked out: EYED

35 Lyre-playing emperor: NERO

36 Sketch: DRAW

38 Touchy subject: SORESPOT

39 Singing sister of Toni Braxton: TRACI

40 Authentic: REAL

41 Pressed Italian sandwich: PANINI

46 Young hogs: SHOATS

48 Single-piece outfit for a baby: ONESIE

50 Breakfast item: BAGEL

51 Muscat native: OMANI

52 Older efts: NEWTS

53 "If only": IWISH

54 Coffeehouse order: LARGE

55 Exploits: GESTS

58 S‡bado y domingo, por ejemplo: DIAS

59 Exclusive: SOLE

62 L.A. commuter org.: MTA

63 Albany is its cap.: NYS

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