LA Times Crossword answers Monday 17 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 17 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 17 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Solidifies: GELS

5 Extends, as a building: ADDSTO

11 Triple __: liqueur: SEC

14 Golfer Aoki: ISAO

15 Unfortunate event: MISHAP

16 Thurman of "Kill Bill": UMA

17 Noir film temptress: FEMMEFATALE

19 Writing implement: PEN

20 Therapeutic ointment: BALM

21 Tenants: RENTERS

23 Engineer Nikola: TESLA

25 "__F!": pre-weekend cry: TGI

27 Homer Simpson's wife: MARGE

28 Football-like sport played with a disc: ULTIMATEFRISBEE

31 Falsehood: LIE

32 __ Angeles: LOS

33 '50s prez: IKE

34 Kareem's former name: LEW

35 Dangerous current: RIPTIDE

37 Female pronoun: SHE

40 Cupid's mo.: FEB

41 Year, in Spain: ANO

42 Ate: HAD


49 "__ Rae": NORMA

50 "__ who?!": SEZ

51 Execs, or outfits hanging in their closets: SUITS

52 Goes on the offensive: ATTACKS

54 Gentle: SOFT

55 Life story, briefly: BIO

56 Ironic change in destiny ... and, literally, what happens in this puzzle's circles: TWISTOFFATE

61 Egg cells: OVA

62 Transition slowly: EASEIN

63 __ out a living: EKES

64 Crossed (out): XED

65 Same-as-above marks: DITTOS

66 Fender damage: DENT


1 Animated Internet file suffix: GIF

2 Suffix with Siam: ESE

3 Meaty dish that would make Mary sad? LAMBSTEW

4 Mogadishu native: SOMALI

5 Radio band-switching switch: AMFM

6 Day, in Spain: DIA

7 Hrs. that begin when we "spring forward": DST

8 "Doctor Zhivago" actor Omar: SHARIF

9 "Tall" story: TALE

10 Amateur night at a comedy club, e.g.: OPENMIKE

11 Exquisite: SUPERB

12 Come into view: EMERGE

13 As far as the eye __: CANSEE

18 Jack of old Westerns: ELAM

22 Stun with a gun: TASE

23 Rock's Jethro __: TULL

24 Nobelist Wiesel: ELIE

25 Sporty sunroof: TTOP

26 Develop in the womb: GESTATE

29 "I was with my girlfriend all night," say: ALIBI

30 No longer encumbered by: RIDOF

35 Edited: REDACTED

36 "Mockingbird" singer Foxx: INEZ

37 Asian mushroom with an odd spelling: SHIITAKE

38 "Freeze!": HALT

39 Breyers competitor: EDYS

40 Storm relief org.: FEMA

43 Packed up for shipping: INABOX

44 Whodunit reason: MOTIVE

45 "The Wind in the Willows" croaker: MRTOAD

46 Help out: ASSIST

47 Dating from: ASOF

48 Bungled: MUFFED

53 "The Bridge on the River __": KWAI

54 Daughters' brothers: SONS

57 Part of a tennis match: SET

58 Padre's hermano: TIO

59 On a scale of one to __: TEN

60 Approx. figure: EST

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