LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 17 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Theater accessory: PROP

5 Home of the Pac-12's Bruins: UCLA

9 Ejects, as lava: SPEWS

14 Deflect, with "off": FEND

15 Chunk of bacon: SLAB

16 Like most income: TAXED

17 Leg-strengthening exercise: CALFRAISE

19 Prefix with violet: ULTRA

20 "Austin Powers" genre: SPYFI

21 Bath rug: MAT

22 Retired Yankee Jeter: DEREK

23 Suitcase tie-on: IDTAG

25 Supermodel Banks: TYRA

26 Silent speech syst.: ASL

28 Pig Latin rejection: IXNAY

30 Advanced lit. degrees: MFAS

33 Something to blow off or let off: STEAM

35 Aviator's military branch: AIRFORCE

37 Actress Peeples: NIA

38 Spearheaded: LED

40 Pat softly: DAB

41 Party host's bucketful: ICE

42 Altercation broken up by bouncers: BARFIGHT

45 More likely to be on Santa's good list: NICER

47 Penny-__: trivial: ANTE

48 In flight: ALOFT

50 Madrid mama bear: OSA

51 Swim __: do one full pool circuit: ALAP

53 Penne or ziti: PASTA

55 Rapids runners: RAFTS

57 Nervous mannerism: TIC

58 Golden Arches pork sandwich: MCRIB

62 Self-storage rentals: UNITS

63 Equitable treatment ... and what's literally found in each set of circles: FAIRSHAKE

65 Creepy: EERIE

66 Like __ of sunshine: ARAY

67 All square: EVEN

68 Cleaned with a broom: SWEPT

69 Country's Lovett: LYLE

70 Pants rear: SEAT


1 USMC one-stripers: PFCS

2 "As ye sow, so shall ye __": REAP

3 Sole: ONLY

4 Email attachment format: PDFFILE

5 Country with an eagle on its Great Seal: Abbr.: USA

6 Story's high point: CLIMAX

7 Layered noodle dish: LASAGNA

8 Distract the security guards for, say: ABET

9 Book-lined room: STUDY

10 Sicily's capital: PALERMO

11 Big eater's fast-food request, maybe: EXTRAFRIES

12 Used to be: WERE

13 Mt. Rushmore's state: SDAK

18 Free (of): RID

24 Interval: TIMEGAP

25 Ruthless rulers: TYRANTS

26 From Laos, e.g.: ASIAN

27 Get the wood-burning stove going: STARTAFIRE

29 Help out: AID

31 Capital of Ghana: ACCRA

32 Observe: SEE

34 Woodcutter Baba: ALI

36 J. Edgar Hoover Building org.: FBI

37 Pro hoops gp.: NBA

39 Global shipping company: DHL

43 Sharpie feature: FELTTIP

44 Horticultural art: TOPIARY

46 Athletic instructors: COACHES

49 Spa beauty treatment: FACIAL

52 Valuable holding: ASSET

54 Many corp. logos: TMS

55 Regrets: RUES

56 Once again: ANEW

57 Giant in nonstick pans: TFAL

59 "Don't miss it" review: RAVE

60 Swedish furniture maker: IKEA

61 Like knees when squatting: BENT

64 Manhattan whiskey: RYE

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