LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 17 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 17 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 17 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Check alternative: PAYPAL

7 Sacred beetle: SCARAB

13 Tijuana pair: DOS

16 It can be natural: GAS

19 Creed in Rocky films: APOLLO

20 Winter melon: CASABA

21 MPG-testing org.: EPA

22 Wordsworth work: ODE

23 Attorneys' firm offering: LEGALSERVICES

25 "Day __": 1965 hit: TRIPPER

27 Way out: EXIT

28 Put on a pedestal: DEIFY

29 With no one behind you: DEADLAST

30 Capital NW of Boston: OTTAWA

33 Secure at the pier: LASH

34 Pooch in pictures: ASTA

35 Backtalk: LIP

38 Potential soldier: ARMYRECRUIT

42 Storage unit: BYTE

43 In hot water: UPATREE

45 Prefix with gender: TRANS

46 Sorento or Soul: KIA

47 Cocktail party snacks: CANAPES

48 Tommy who teamed with Cheech: CHONG

49 Queen's "__ One Bites the Dust": ANOTHER

53 "Cool, dude!": IDIGIT

54 Drumstick: CHICKENLEG

56 Buckeyes of the Big Ten: OSU

57 Handy sack: COT

58 Sham sawbones: QUACK

59 Lubricate: OIL

60 Church recess: APSE

61 Bird voiced by Rowan Atkinson in "The Lion King": ZAZU

63 Road annoyances: BUMPS

64 Complete: TOTAL

66 Navy NCOs: CPOS

67 Oodles: ALOT

68 Thor Heyerdahl craft: RAI

69 Auspices: AEGIS

70 Pool tool: CUE

71 "Little Birds" author Anaïs: NIN

72 Provider of much change: COINRETURN

75 Cracker-__: homespun: BARREL

78 Everlasting: ETERNAL

80 Deliver a stem-winder, say: ORATE

81 Snake oil, allegedly: PANACEA

82 Multivolume set in the reference sect.: OED

83 African capital: CAIRO

84 Veteran on the briny: OLDSALT

85 Green Bay Packers coach LaFleur: MATT

87 Chatty Cathy is one: TALKINGDOLL

90 Deli choice: RYE

91 Many opera highlights: SOLI

92 "National Velvet" author Bagnold: ENID

93 Site of a major part of the Bible? REDSEA

95 Mid-20th-century First and Second Lady: PATNIXON

97 Shoulder wrap: SHAWL

99 Snippet of dialogue: LINE

103 Hold back: INHIBIT

104 Scrapyard commodity ... and what's hidden in the nine other longest puzzle answers: RECYCLEDMETAL

108 Charge: FEE

109 Infant suffix: ILE

110 Alphabetically first U.S. national park: ACADIA

111 Catholic devotion: NOVENA

112 OTC drug agency: FDA

113 __ Plaines: Chicago suburb: DES

114 Homer, in baseball lingo: GODEEP

115 Tarzan, e.g.: APEMAN


1 Ashen: PALE

2 High point: APEX

3 "Smarter than the average bear" bear: YOGI

4 "Republic" philosopher: PLATO

5 Word with caps or clear: ALL

6 Spanish article: LOS

7 Off-the-wall: SCREWY

8 Pricey delicacy: CAVIAR

9 "Keep dreaming": ASIF

10 Risqué: RACY

11 Former Japanese prime minister: ABE

12 __-relief: BAS

13 Abhor: DETEST

14 Part of OWN: OPRAH

15 Common word in a novel's dialogue: SAID

16 Overtake: GOPAST

17 "__ Fideles": ADESTE

18 Maker of iComfort mattresses: SERTA

24 Mingo portrayer on "Daniel Boone": EDAMES

26 Dabble in: PLAYAT

29 Where many speeches come from: DAIS

31 La Brea attraction: TARPIT

32 Brand similar to Spam: TREET

33 Fencing maneuver: LUNGE

35 '60s White House daughter: LUCI

36 Apple offering: IPAD

37 N.W.A's debut single: PANICZONE

39 Focus of some committees: ETHICS

40 Bit of stoneware: CROCK

41 Arrange in sequence: RANK

42 Library sect.: BIOG

44 Retire at home, say? TAGOUT

46 Solemn sound: KNELL

48 Lad: CHAP

49 Bit of checkpoint deception: ALIAS

50 Coal train component: HOPPERCAR

51 Exxon, once: ESSO

52 Feels bad about: RUES

54 Seasoning in Indian cuisine: CUMIN

55 At lunch, say: NOTIN

58 California state bird: QUAIL

60 TLX autos: ACURAS

61 Western writer Grey: ZANE

62 Came down: ALIT

63 In __ daylight: BROAD

64 Ancient German: TEUTON

65 Storybook fiend: OGRE

69 Vintage video game name: ATARI

70 Symbol of a year, perhaps: CANDLE

72 Tech news site: CNET

73 Explorer Amundsen: ROALD

74 Estrada of "CHiPs": ERIK

75 Calls at home: BALLS

76 Hard to grasp: EELY

77 Running behind: LATE

79 Helix-shaped pasta: ROTINI

81 Curly-haired pet: POODLE

83 Genesis brother: CAIN

85 Sounded like the wind: MOANED

86 Tennis great Gibson: ALTHEA

87 Govt. securities: TNOTES

88 __ Mansion, NYC mayor's residence: GRACIE

89 Lizard feature: DEWLAP

91 Calvin's spaceman alter ego, in comics: SPIFF

92 Force to leave: EXILE

94 Motrin alternative: ALEVE

96 Footnote abbr.: IBID

97 Whole bunch: SCAD

98 "Nothing lived in him but fear and hatred": HYDE

100 List member: ITEM

101 Family nickname: NANA

102 Flair: ELAN

104 Common cleaning supply: RAG

105 Tourism opening: ECO

106 Target of a cheek swab: DNA

107 Common cleaning supply: MOP

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