LA Times Crossword answers Monday 17 September 2018

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Los Angeles Times 17 September 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 17 September 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Potato chips source: SPUD

5 __ bean: LIMA

9 Rick's "Casablanca" love: ILSA

13 "Aww!": CUTE

14 Spring bloom: IRIS

15 Les __-Unis: ETATS

16 Neighbor of Yemen: OMAN

17 Large-scale departure: MASSEXODUS

19 Island setting for Melville's "Omoo": TAHITI

21 Court order to testify: SUBPOENA

22 Mindless memorization: ROTE

24 Farm sound: MOO

25 Blue expanse, on a clear day: SKY

26 Cost of a car, in most family budgets: MAJOREXPENSE

31 1860s White House nickname: ABE

32 Thought: IDEA

33 Traffic light color: YELLOW

37 Gardener's bane: WEED

39 Quick taste: SIP

41 Produced: MADE

42 American flag feature: STRIPE

45 At hand: NEAR

48 Buddhist school: ZEN

49 Edmund Hillary's conquest: MOUNTEVEREST

52 Fermented quaff: ALE

55 Slugger's stat: RBI

56 Get up: RISE

57 Removing from the text: DELETING

60 1971 New York prison riot site: ATTICA

64 Region including Egypt, Israel, etc.: MIDDLEEAST

66 "__ be fine": "No prob": ITLL

67 Sad verse: ELEGY

68 Spell-checker discovery: TYPO

69 Not virtual: REAL

70 __ a one: NARY

71 The "Y" in "YTD": YEAR

72 TV award, and a homophonic hint to the four longest puzzle answers: EMMY


1 Loch Ness local: SCOT

2 Adidas rival: PUMA

3 Home of the NBA's Jazz: UTAH

4 Robert of "Dirty Grandpa": DENIRO

5 Restricted in number, as an edition: LIMITED

6 Nest egg acronym: IRA

7 Hit's opposite: MISS

8 Take for granted: ASSUME

9 "Was __ hard on you?": ITOO

10 Stows cargo: LADES

11 Caused some nose-pinching: STUNK

12 Evaluate, as metal: ASSAY

15 Bring to light: EXPOSE

18 Traditional black piano key wood: EBONY

20 Singer Amos: TORI

23 Old flames: EXES

26 Big mouths: MAWS

27 Help rob the bank: ABET

28 Taunt from the bleachers: JEER

29 Emulate Degas: PAINT

30 "Slippery" tree: ELM

34 Do nothing: LAZE

35 Wordsworth works: ODES

36 Attended, with "to": WENT

38 Reduce in brightness: DIM

40 __ pressure: PEER

43 Rotund: PORTLY

44 Jazzman Blake: EUBIE

46 Pilot: AVIATOR

47 Take ten: REST

50 Distance between bases, in feet: NINETY

51 Go to bed: RETIRE

52 Commercial writers: ADMEN

53 Bizet opera priestess: LEILA

54 Tribal leader: ELDER

58 Avant-garde: EDGY

59 Motown's Marvin: GAYE

61 Receipt detail: ITEM

62 Linguine seafood sauce morsel: CLAM

63 One on your side: ALLY

65 Daycation destination: SPA

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