LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 18 April 2018

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Los Angeles Times 18 April 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 18 April 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __ Romeo: Italian car: ALFA

5 Machu Picchu people: INCAS

10 __ Plaines: DES

13 Copier room quantity: REAM

14 Spanish peak: MONTE

15 With 27-Down, Captain Picard: JEAN

16 What constant stress does, healthwise: TAKESATOLL

18 Disney woman loosely based on Andersen's Snow Queen: ELSA

19 Draw out: ELICIT

20 Flustered state: DITHER

22 Bathroom fixture: BASIN

24 Old West folklore cowboy: PECOSBILL

26 FedEx alternative: USMAIL

28 Arsenal inventory: AMMO

29 "What was __ was saying?": ITI

30 Japanese rolls: SUSHI

33 Dip __ in: test: ATOE

37 Things gathered by aficionados ... or what the ends of 16-, 24-, 49- and 59-Across can be? COLLECTORSITEMS

41 Patella's place: KNEE

42 Decorate: ADORN

43 Video game letters: NES

44 N.Y. Cosmos org.: NASL

47 Wee bit: SMIDGE

49 Very expensive: BIGTICKET

54 Indian __: OCEAN

55 Enthusiastic reply to "Who knows the answer?": IDOIDO

56 More lax: LOOSER

58 Muscat money: RIAL

59 Taunts on the field: TALKSTRASH

63 Barracks beds: COTS

64 Forest fixtures: TREES

65 Citrus hybrid: UGLI

66 Brooklyn __, N.Y.: HTS

67 Medicinal plant: SENNA

68 Techie, often: NERD


1 Co-star of Jackie on "The Honeymooners": ART

2 __ & Perrins steak sauce: LEA

3 Happy face that's put on: FAKESMILE

4 Bedelia of kiddie lit: AMELIA

5 Apple choice: IMAC

6 "Reward" for poor service: NOTIP

7 20 fins: CNOTE

8 Braves, on sports news crawls: ATL

9 Once in a long while: SELDOM

10 Indian city on the Yamuna River: DELHI

11 Studio support: EASEL

12 Doghouse "Don't come any closer!": SNARL

15 Water-propelled craft: JETBOAT

17 "Truman" actor: SINISE

21 Belief ending: ISM

22 General Motors brand: BUICK

23 __ Martin: British car: ASTON

25 Tahrir Square city: CAIRO

27 See 15-Across: LUC

31 Follow furtively: STALK

32 Mason's tray: HOD

34 Youngster's time of life: TENDERAGE

35 Luxury timepiece: OMEGA

36 City on the Ruhr: ESSEN

38 Soup legumes: LENTILS

39 Most Soc. Sec. recipients: SRS

40 Secret to the max: INMOST

45 Give a leg up: AID

46 Lawn care giant: SCOTTS

48 Post-winter river thaw: ICERUN

49 Canoe wood: BIRCH

50 Nincompoop: IDIOT

51 Kids on a farm? GOATS

52 First name in daytime TV: ELLEN

53 Arcade coin: TOKEN

57 Mount of Greek myth: OSSA

60 "__ You Lonesome Tonight?": ARE

61 Camera type, for short: SLR

62 Put in a secret place: HID

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