LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 18 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Onetime capital of the Mughal Empire: AGRA

5 Pop star: IDOL

9 Idea, at times: IMAGE

14 Apparently are: SEEM

15 Bering Sea port: NOME

16 Center for Auto Safety co-founder: NADER

17 Part of the supreme Hindu trinity: SIVA

18 Penny pincher: CHEAPSKATE

20 Trooper's outfit? ISUZU

22 Moan and groan: GRIPE

23 Knot used to take up slack: SHEEPSHANK

26 Garden nuisance: WEED

30 Prof.'s helpers: TAS

31 Overly: TOO

32 Fill with affection: ENAMOR

34 Relax completely: GOLIMP

37 Like lambs and rams: OVINE

38 Amorphous sci-fi beings, and a hint to what's hidden in the four other longest answers: SHAPESHIFTERS

41 Pizzeria allure: AROMA

42 Refreshers: TONICS

43 Snapper? CAMERA

45 Chinese restaurant general: TSO

46 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones music genre: SKA

49 One logging on: USER

50 Prankster's weapon: PEASHOOTER

54 Miniseries based on a Haley novel: ROOTS

56 Sucked (in): LURED

57 Project wrap-up: FINALPHASE

62 Voice quality: TONE

63 Old saw: ADAGE

64 Throw off: EMIT

65 Poetic black: EBON

66 Ins and outs, with "the": ROPES

67 Like yellow bananas: RIPE

68 Slight damage: DENT


1 Give a hand: ASSIST

2 "Memoirs of a __": Arthur Golden novel: GEISHA

3 Musical shows: REVUES

4 Floor: AMAZE

5 Business mag: INC

6 Self-critical cry: DOH

7 Seamaster watchmaker: OMEGA

8 Come to know: LEARN

9 Clouseau's rank, briefly: INSP

10 Rock the boat: MAKEWAVES

11 Periodontist's org.: ADA

12 Come down with: GET

13 Long starter, once: ERE

19 Toll road: PIKE

21 Passing muster: UPTOPAR

24 Footprint maker: SOLE

25 Raise on a pole: HOIST

27 Many an oil-rich ruler: EMIR

28 Many ages: EONS

29 Death Row Records co-founder, familiarly: DRE

33 "You're way over the line": NOTCOOL

34 Tantrum while playing Xbox: GAMERRAGE

35 Old conductance unit: MHO

36 Ice cream buys: PINTS

38 Mmes., in Madrid: SRAS

39 House-shaped browser button: HOME

40 School group: FISH

41 Puncture prefix: ACU

44 Each: APOP

46 Disco light: STROBE

47 Passionate about: KEENON

48 Passionate: ARDENT

51 Upper regions of space: ETHER

52 "Likewise": ASAMI

53 Blabbed about, in a way: OUTED

55 World Cup cheers: OLES

57 Go __: succeed: FAR

58 Rite answer? IDO

59 Short snooze: NAP

60 Bit of a draft? SIP

61 C™te d'Azur saison: ETE

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