LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 18 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Thor: Ragnarok" actress Thompson: TESSA

6 Traditional dress of India: SARI

10 Apples reviewed on tech sites: MACS

14 The NCAA's Huskies: UCONN

15 Actor Dorsey of "Queen Sugar": OMAR

16 Sonic rebound: ECHO

17 *Mobile game with a variety of blades: FRUITNINJA

19 "Better late __ never": THAN

20 Surf's partner: TURF

21 "Looking for," in personal ads: ISO

22 Like a smokestack: SOOTY

23 *Inked designs on one's chin and cheeks, e.g.: FACETATTOOS

27 Convenience called a "cashpoint" in the U.K.: ATM

30 Luau instrument, briefly: UKE

31 Comic Margaret: CHO

32 Obedient puppy's reward: TREAT

34 Mexican cruise port: ACAPULCO

39 *Summer cooler: AIRCONDITIONING

42 Fit together nicely: DOVETAIL

43 Venomous snake: VIPER

44 Big coffee vessel: URN

45 Honeybunny: BAE

47 Fr. holy title: STE

48 *Meghan Markle's husband: PRINCEHARRY

53 Literature Nobelist Munro: ALICE

54 PC "oops" key: ESC

55 Approx. landing hours: ETAS

59 Insurance quote: RATE

60 New beginning, and what the first words of the answers to the starred clues can literally have: FRESHSTART

63 Great Sphinx locale: GIZA

64 Adequately skilled: ABLE

65 Spotted horse: PINTO

66 Black gemstone: ONYX

67 Soft drizzle: MIST

68 Off-kilter: ASKEW


1 Small clump: TUFT

2 Light beige: ECRU

3 Whiskey cocktail: SOUR

4 Scratch and __: SNIFF

5 Tiny crumb carrier: ANT

6 "Evidently": SOISEE

7 "Are too!" response: AMNOT

8 "The Big Bang Theory" character: RAJ

9 Nest egg letters: IRA

10 Silence-breaking women's movement: METOO

11 "Bless you!" trigger: ACHOO

12 Makes small talk: CHATS

13 Walkman developer: SONY

18 One of the Jonas Brothers: NICK

22 Drop by: STOPOVER

24 Pitch-correcting vocal effect: AUTOTUNE

25 Pt. of 9-Down: ACCT

26 Som tam cuisine: THAI

27 Just barely: ATAD

28 The Chicks, e.g.: TRIO

29 "Jeopardy!" creator Griffin: MERV

33 Card with one pip: ACE

34 Feel rotten: AIL

35 Verse starter? UNI

36 "My __ are sealed!": LIPS

37 Tech review site: CNET

38 Brute of folklore: OGRE

40 Cop after dealers: NARC

41 Eat in style: DINE

45 Droopy-eared hound: BASSET

46 St. Louis landmark: ARCH

48 Not fancy: PLAIN

49 Very fancy: RITZY

50 Alpine climbing tool: ICEAX

51 Dressy footwear: HEELS

52 Bigfoot relatives: YETIS

53 Cornstarch brand in yellow-and-blue containers: ARGO

56 Aquarium: TANK

57 Works in un museo: ARTE

58 Pack away: STOW

60 Sibs, 'rents, etc.: FAM

61 Stat in softball: RBI

62 Self-care getaway: SPA

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