LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 18 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 18 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 18 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Break away from the pack: PULLAHEAD

10 Mixer setting: WHIP

14 One in a deli dozen: ONIONBAGEL

16 Accent sound? HONK

17 Eligible voters: ELECTORATE

18 Bill nos.: AMTS

19 Strips on a tree: TINSEL

20 Under-the-bed figment, hopefully: MONSTER

22 "__ 281": film about the making of "Citizen Kane": RKO

23 Crest: APEX

25 Capital city that's home to the Garden of Babur: KABUL

27 "__ Blues": "White Album" track: YER

28 Heat fig.: BTU

29 Burrito filling word: ASADA

30 "Be right there": WAITJUSTASEC

34 Words dismissing the statement that preceded them: SAIDNOONEEVER

36 "That's enough of that": WEREDONEHERE

37 "__ porridge hot ... ": PEASE

38 Cybertalk elements: IMS

39 "Portlandia" network: IFC

42 Rhyme scheme for Edward Lear: AABBA

43 Sounds from squeaky toys? YIPS

45 Emulating: ALA

46 "The Wiz" tune with the lyric "You're the bravest of them all": BEALION

48 Samples: TASTES

51 Former? MOLD

52 Seriously sedate: PUTTOSLEEP

54 Dictate: RULE

55 Covert '50s-'70s federal flier: AIRAMERICA

56 Eminem-inspired word for a rabid supporter: STAN

57 Wicked "stawm": NOREASTER


1 "The only thing that matters": cummings: POETRY

2 Not typical of: UNLIKE

3 Property claimant: LIENOR

4 Loans drawn as needed: Abbr.: LOCS

5 Stud stake: ANTE

6 Spanish cable network: HBOLATINO

7 Audition user? EAR

8 Height of one's ability: AGAME

9 Cleanse goal: DETOX

10 Hockey announcer's "Great stop!": WHATASAVE

11 Principal place of operations: HOMEBASE

12 One breaking in: INTRUDER

13 World Cup tiebreakers, for short: PKS

15 Dance judge Goodman: LEN

21 Camel performers: SKATERS

24 Deceive: PUTON

26 Wisconsin's Fond du __: LAC

28 Agreement with Satan, by most accounts: BADDEAL

30 Capital of Hesse: WIESBADEN

31 Average __: JOE

32 Not cool: UNHIP

33 "I'd say ... ": SEEMSTOME

34 Check into: SEEABOUT

35 Strauss opera: ARABELLA

36 New Deal agcy.: WPA

39 Disappointing reply to "Where's the last chocolate truffle?": IATEIT

40 Cool-weather material: FLEECE

41 Reagan defense secretary Weinberger: CASPAR

43 "Coming along?": YOUIN

44 Opening: INTRO

47 Hoppy initials: IPA

49 On the water: ASEA

50 Shutterbugs' buys: SLRS

51 Woolf's "__ Dalloway": MRS

53 One on the water: TAR

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