LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 18 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 18 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 18 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Zsa Zsa's older sister: MAGDA

6 NYC winter hours: EST

9 Italian city known for its cheese: PARMA

14 How French fries are fried: INOIL

15 Sgt., e.g.: NCO

16 Knight's horse: STEED

17 *Entrance protection from the elements: STORMDOOR

19 Moneyed group: HAVES

20 "You're asking too much": ITSALOT

21 Yankee or Oriole, for short: ALER

22 __-deucey: ACEY

24 *Monopoly utility: WATERWORKS

27 Metal fuel holder: GASCAN

29 "Honestly!": ISWEAR

30 John at a piano: ELTON

31 Winter wear: COAT

34 Wall and 42nd, in NYC: STS

35 *Lotto America, since 1992: POWERBALL

39 Egyptian snake: ASP

42 They're drawn in pubs: ALES

43 Western law group: POSSE

47 Shallow sea areas: SHOALS

50 Trouser measure: INSEAM

51 *Home security system: HOUSEALARM

55 Furry "Star Wars" creature: EWOK

56 Chicago daily, familiarly: TRIB

57 Pigged out: OVERATE

59 Pierce, as an hors d'oeuvre: SPEAR

60 Warm, cozy places ... and a hint to what can precede both parts of the answers to starred clues: FIRESIDES

63 Slowly, in music: LARGO

64 Fla. neighbor: ALA

65 Love, Italian-style: AMORE

66 Director Welles: ORSON

67 Light brown: TAN

68 Cylindrical pasta with pointed ends: PENNE


1 Prefix with print: MIS

2 Hill crawler: ANT

3 Most sticky, as a sweet treat: GOOIEST

4 Corrupt policeman: DIRTYCOP

5 Donation to the poor: ALMS

6 WWII bomber __ Gay: ENOLA

7 Dart: SCOOT

8 Rich cake: TORTE

9 Disbelieving cries: PSHAWS

10 Having bottomed out, as prices: ATALOW

11 Worships: REVERES

12 Kalahari mongoose: MEERKAT

13 Much of the Sunday paper: ADS

18 Rooster's wake-up time: DAWN

22 Have more birthdays: AGE

23 Berkeley sch.: CAL

25 Actress Hayworth: RITA

26 H.S. grads-to-be: SRS

28 Year, in Yucat√°n: ANO

31 Disney collectible: CEL

32 Iron source: ORE

33 Tummy muscles: ABS

36 Ice Cube's "It __ Good Day": WASA

37 Hosp. staffer: LPN

38 Get stuck in traffic, say: LOSETIME

39 Campfire residue: ASH

40 Had a good day on the links: SHOTPAR

41 Sommeliers, often: POURERS

44 Attached by thread: SEWEDON

45 __ Paulo: SAO

46 Longtime Mass. senator's monogram: EMK

48 Italian cheese: ASIAGO

49 James of the Lakers: LEBRON

50 '50s Hungarian premier Nagy: IMRE

52 Diet-friendly: LOFAT

53 Hometown of St. Teresa: AVILA

54 Showed once more: RERAN

58 On the double, in memos: ASAP

59 __-mo: SLO

61 Suffix with west: ERN

62 Set eyes on: SEE

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