LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 18 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 18 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 18 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Some assembly stations: SALADBARS

10 __ al pomodoro: Tuscan soup: PAPPA

15 "Beats me": IVENOIDEA

16 Use: AVAIL

17 "Nice work!": GOODSTUFF

18 Wagner's father-in-law: LISZT

19 Least amt.: MIN

20 Zaire's Mobutu __ Seko: SESE

21 __ ball: MATZO

22 "Doe, __ ... ": ADEER

25 "The Last O.G." network: TBS

27 Chi preceder: TAI

28 Family nicknames: MAS

30 Shipping rope: TYE

31 Gym sets: REPS

32 "No worries": DONTMENTIONIT

35 Stop digressing: CUTTOTHECHASE

36 Words often embroidered: HOMESWEETHOME

37 "Love & Basketball" actor Omar: EPPS

38 All Saints' __: EVE

39 Bonobo, for one: APE

40 First animal in the Chinese zodiac: RAT

41 #34: DDE

42 Diminish slowly: ERODE

46 Toot: SPREE

48 Latin for "scraped," in a phrase: RASA

52 Pasture sound: LOW

53 Get around: ELUDE

54 Metaphor for doing more than is required: EXTRAMILE

57 Massenet opera about a Spanish legend: LECID

58 Party where no one goes home? SLEEPOVER

59 Curator's concerns: FAKES

60 Bike shop array: TENSPEEDS


1 Two after pi: SIGMA

2 Get around: AVOID

3 Sierra __: LEONE

4 "Then what?": AND

5 Soirees: DOS

6 Parts of drills: BITS

7 Musical collaboration instruction: ADUE

8 Calls on a field: REFS

9 Insurance metaphor: SAFETYNET

10 Conceals, in a way: PALMS

11 Adidas rival: AVIA

12 What most novels are written in: PASTTENSE

13 Round item in a square box: PIZZAPIE

14 Charlie Parker, at times: ALTOIST

23 Isn't subtle, in a way: EMOTES

24 Jeremiads: RANTS

26 "You __!": BETCHA

29 Put away: STOWED

30 Giggly sound: TEHEE

31 Nomad: ROAMER

32 Sandbox toy: DUMPTRUCK

33 "Into Thin Air" setting: MTEVEREST

34 "With any luck": IHOPE

35 Bargain in court: COPAPLEA

36 "Nature would not invest __ in such shadowing passion without some instruction": Othello: HERSELF

41 Title pages? DEEDS

43 Stuffed hors d'oeuvre: OLIVE

44 Parceled (out): DOLED

45 Pretty pitchers: EWERS

47 Carmela portrayer on "The Sopranos": EDIE

49 Semi shaft: AXLE

50 Arm of the Korean War: STEN

51 Father of the Amazons: ARES

55 Bridge Base Online offering, e.g.: APP

56 Duff Beer server: MOE

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