LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 18 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ketch pair: MASTS

6 Pre-weekend letters: TGIF

10 Damson or Mirabelle: PLUM

14 On the lookout: ALERT

15 Decimated sea: ARAL

16 "All __": RISE

17 "It's the truth!": NOLIE

18 Old comics character who said, "We have met the enemy and he is us.": POGO

19 Apple product: IPOD

20 Naivete personified, literally: THEBABEWOODS

23 It's needed, but often "not included": AACELL

24 Many a Nora Ephron film: ROMCOM

28 Old speedster: Abbr.: SST

29 Ice cream holder: TUB

31 Bother: AIL

32 Co-founder of Artists Against Fracking: ONO

33 Abandoned, literally: THELEFTLURCH

36 Angry: SORE

39 Doce meses: ANO

40 Equal: PEER

41 Low, literally: THEDOWNDUMPS

46 Medium power: ESP

47 Give a hand: AID

48 Tennis strategy: LOB

49 Rte. finder: GPS

52 Presumes: POSITS

54 Feature of some Birkenstocks: TSTRAP

56 Metaphor for a sitting-pretty situation, literally: THEMADESHADE

60 Modern diary: BLOG

63 Like father, like son? MALE

64 Accord creator: HONDA

65 Bridges of Los Angeles County: BEAU

66 Fourth letter in a famous mnemonic: ERIE

67 Like Barbara Bush, vis-à-vis Jenna: OLDER

68 Lincoln or Jackson: CITY

69 Twice-monthly tide: NEAP

70 Works in a garden: WEEDS


1 Rays that can live 50 years: MANTAS

2 Island exchanges: ALOHAS

3 Handpicked: SELECT

4 "Survivor" group: TRIBE

5 Cat burglar's asset: STEALTH

6 It's broken at many races: TAPE

7 Become: GROW

8 Classic stage betrayer: IAGO

9 Request for maximum speed: FLOORIT

10 Light bender: PRISM

11 Sass: LIP

12 Gulf War support gp.: USO

13 Pill, say: MED

21 Word with collar or chip: BLUE

22 American Girl purchase: DOLL

25 Abs are part of it: CORE

26 Some time ago: ONCE

27 Comic Jay: MOHR

30 Lacking pizzazz: BLAND

31 On the wrong side (of): AFOUL

33 Rocker Nugent: TED

34 One who may go deep: END

35 Good times: UPS

36 Aerobic bit: STEP

37 Quite: OHSO

38 Gym set: REPS

42 Hammer-strikes-thumb reaction: OATH

43 Guys with gifts: WISEMEN

44 Particle in a beam: MOTE

45 "Sesame Street," e.g.: PBSSHOW

49 About half of Trenta, at Starbucks: GRANDE

50 Protected, in a way: PADDED

51 "Femme Fatale" artist, 2011: SPEARS

53 PC fixer: ITGUY

55 Oar fulcrum: THOLE

57 HBO's "__ of Easttown": MARE

58 Latin "others": ALIA

59 Like some pockets: DEEP

60 "Doctor Who" airer: BBC

61 Island greeting: LEI

62 Bit of horse feed: OAT

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