LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 January 2018

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Los Angeles Times 18 January 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 January 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It doesn't go off: DUD

4 Dugong or manatee: SEACOW

10 Friskies sister brand: ALPO

14 "Lookee here!": OHO

15 Turkey's second-largest city: ANKARA

16 Enjoyed People: READ

17 Singer Fogelberg: DAN

18 *Acting like the locals: GOINGNATIVE

20 Toughness: GUTS

22 Stage great Hagen: UTA

23 White __: NOISE

24 Site of Napoleon's exile: ELBA

25 Accessories for many lawn mowers: GASCANS

27 Engrave with acid: ETCH

29 Dalai Lama, for one: TIBETAN

32 Sport with clay pigeons: SKEET

34 Canapé spread: PATE

35 Husky follower: SLED

37 Part of SASE: Abbr.: ENV

38 Wartime prez: ABE

40 Sci-fi aviators: ETS

42 Shapiro of NPR: ARI

43 Exertion: TOIL

45 Suburban trees: ELMS

47 Picker-uppers? HANDS

49 Hole's starting point for skilled golfers: BLUETEE

51 Many a college graduate's burden: DEBT

52 Reel: STAGGER

54 Software glitches ... and, in a broad sense, small things hidden in the answers to starred clues: BUGS

57 Trouble greatly: EATAT

59 LG competitor: RCA

60 First name at Woodstock: ARLO

61 *Try not to look bored: STIFLEAYAWN

64 Lithium-__ battery: ION

65 Pakistani tongue: URDU

66 Scoresheet slashes: SPARES

67 Find fault to a fault: NAG

68 Mandarin discard: PEEL

69 Siberian expanse: TUNDRA

70 Some hot rods: GTS


1 Sidestep: DODGE

2 Penske rival: UHAUL

3 *Google Code of Conduct motto: DONTBEEVIL

4 Succumb to gravity: SAG

5 "Cut it out already!": ENOUGH

6 Curly-tailed dog: AKITA

7 Rummy game played with two decks: CANASTA

8 Suffix for NPR's website: ORG

9 "You sure of that?": WANNABET

10 Gallery VIPs: ARTISTS

11 Hawaiian wedding rings: LEIS

12 Tar: PAVE

13 Neruda's "__ to My Socks": ODE

19 Top-ranked: AONE

21 Make full: SATE

26 Credits as a source: CITES

28 Commuter org. in the Loop: CTA

30 *"The Imitation Game" subject: ALANTURING

31 Comic-Con attendee: NERD

32 Ready: SET

33 Door opener: KNOB

34 Pequod co-owner: PELEG

36 Belittle: DIS

39 Trial run designed to catch 54-Across: BETATEST

41 "__ Walks in Beauty": Byron poem: SHE

44 Satyrlike: LUSTFUL

46 "You've Got Mail" co-star: MEGRYAN

48 "Fernando" pop group: ABBA

50 Letters replacing unlisted items: ETAL

51 Bureau unit: DRAWER

53 Internet greeting: ECARD

55 Be a bad sport: GLOAT

56 iTunes downloads: SONGS

57 Raison d'__: ETRE

58 West Wing staffer: AIDE

61 "How're things?": SUP

62 "The Simpsons" clerk: APU

63 Fort Meade org.: NSA

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