LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 18 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Figura de __: Spanish skating move: OCHO

5 Besides: ALSO

9 Cut back a lot: SKIMP

14 It might not be proper: NOUN

15 Secular: LAIC

16 Edmonton athlete: OILER

17 Likely to B surprisingly difficult: EZRSAIDTHANDONE

20 __ space: OUTER

21 Spring bloom: IRIS

22 __-fa: set of musical syllables: SOL

23 One might Q Shamu: NMLTRAINER

26 Cycle starter: TRI

27 Place to drive from: TEE

28 Not irr.: STD

29 Affirmative reply: YESIAM

32 "The Aviator" (2004) Oscar nominee: ALDA

34 Buffoons: OAFS

37 "The fool __ think he is wise ...": "As You Like It": DOTH

38 U can soak in one: JQZHOTTUB

41 Biblical hunter: ESAU

43 It was originally called a "Biscuit": OREO

44 They're mostly on the phone: APPS

48 Bygone predators: TREXES

50 Long-legged runner: EMU

52 Bulldog booster: ELI

53 Component of a sweep, maybe: WIN

54 Something to C at Carnegie Hall: PNORECITAL

58 Downed: ATE

59 Countenance: MIEN

60 Lenya of "From Russia With Love": LOTTE

61 Possible reason Y lights get turned off: NRGCONSERVATION

65 They're changed on the road: GEARS

66 Sandwich staple: TUNA

67 Frequently: ALOT

68 French greeting: SALUT

69 Reach: SPAN

70 Out of __: SYNC


1 College town WSW of Albany: ONEONTA

2 Island resort near CancĂșn: COZUMEL

3 Went like a runaway train: HURTLED

4 It's a start: ONSET

5 Lord of the ring? ALI

6 Brit's bud: LAD

7 Sub (for): SITIN

8 Earthy tone: OCHRE

9 Juniors, maybe: SONS

10 Razz: KID

11 "My temper got the best of me": ILOSTIT

12 Holiday candle holder: MENORAH

13 Heat at a meet, for short: PRELIM

18 LAX landings: ARRS

19 Opposite of stuffy: AIRY

24 Entire range: ATOZ

25 Shoshone Falls state: IDAHO

30 Academic address ending: EDU

31 Nagano noodle: SOBA

33 "Iliad" warrior: AJAX

35 Behind: FOR

36 Handle the wheel: STEER

39 Ont. neighbor: QUE

40 Heavy reading? TOME

41 Coastal East African country: ERITREA

42 Coastal West African country: SENEGAL

45 In a small-minded way: PETTILY

46 Army outfit: PLATOON

47 Bit of obscenity? SILENTC

48 Musical saw sounds: TWANGS

49 Bias: SPIN

51 Pauley Pavilion Pac-12 team: UCLA

55 Fits one within another: NESTS

56 Best: ONEUP

57 Frat letters: IOTAS

59 Guinness book adjective: MOST

62 French vineyard: CRU

63 Biological chain letters: RNA

64 Moving aid: VAN

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