LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 18 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Field of Dreams" state: IOWA

5 Easing of govt. control: DEREG

10 Snow glider: SLED

14 Iranian ruler ousted in 1979: SHAH

15 Teaser ad: PROMO

16 Buzzing colony: HIVE

17 Energy-boosting munch: POWERSNACK

19 "Be it __ so humble ... ": EVER

20 Former SeaWorld attraction: SHAMU

21 Meadowland: LEA

22 Convenience store inconvenience: LINE

23 Explosive container for muzzle-loading guns: POWDERFLASK

27 Miss a birdie by one: MAKEPAR

31 Base runner's undoing: TAG

32 Not fer: AGIN

33 Qualifying race: HEAT

36 Waterproof fishing boot: WADER

40 Period or comma: PUNCTUATIONMARK

43 With regret: SADLY

44 __ Ration: old dog food brand: KENL

45 Opera star Pinza: EZIO

46 Covert __: secret missions: OPS

48 Lip applications: GLOSSES

50 Escape from jail: PRISONBREAK

55 __ Emu: insurance ad bird: LIMU

56 Dublin's land: Abbr.: IRE

57 Lauder of makeup: ESTEE

62 Seaweed gelatin: AGAR

63 Shredded Southern barbecue dish that's depicted in this puzzle's circles: PULLEDPORK

66 Buster Brown's dog: TIGE

67 Cybercommerce: ETAIL

68 Word after cutting or leading: EDGE

69 Poetic tributes: ODES

70 Battle of the __: SEXES

71 Stack under a tarp: WOOD


1 Web access cos.: ISPS

2 "I know! Call on me!": OHOH

3 Toddler's drink: WAWA

4 "Can I get a word in?": AHEM

5 Two-outs-in-a-single-AB stats: DPS

6 East end? ERN

7 Author Dahl: ROALD

8 Ceremony host: EMCEE

9 Low-riding, open-wheel racer: GOKART

10 Slight-of-hand scams: SHELLGAMES

11 Wife of Augustus: LIVIA

12 Odds opposite: EVENS

13 Jeter elected to the Hall of Fame: DEREK

18 Kentucky's __ Arena: RUPP

24 Island near Maui: OAHU

25 Inflict, as havoc: WREAK

26 Stag's daughter: FAWN

27 Weather report visual aids: MAPS

28 Isla surrounder: AGUA

29 "Be __: rewind": old video rental reminder: KIND

30 Extras in an envelope: ENCLOSURES

34 Didn't fast: ATE

35 Hint of color: TINGE

37 HÅ agen-__: DAZS

38 The "E" in the mnemonic HOMES: ERIE

39 Bygone theaters: RKOS

41 Keying-in error: TYPO

42 Cantina crockery: OLLA

47 "Blade" star Wesley: SNIPES

49 Gave the nod to: OKED

50 Student of Socrates: PLATO

51 Stiff as a board: RIGID

52 Public persona: IMAGE

53 "Et tu, __?": BRUTE

54 "No reason to get all upset!": RELAX

58 Eject, as lava: SPEW

59 Chore list heading: TODO

60 Hence, in logic: ERGO

61 Barely made it, with "by": EKED

64 Tell it like it isn't: LIE

65 Golf's "Big Easy" Ernie: ELS

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