LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 18 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 18 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 18 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Broke off, as talks: ENDED

6 Retired flier: SST

9 Lola's nightclub, in song: COPA

13 To a degree, informally: SORTA

14 Lyndon Johnson girl beagle: HER

15 Breakfast sizzler: BACON

16 Antidote fraud that doesn't come from a duck? QUACKCURE

18 Northeast express train: ACELA

19 Swipe: STEAL

20 Pub with suds and entertainment: BEERHALL

22 Jog or racing gait: TROT

24 Caught in the act: SEEN

25 Bat's home: CAVE

28 Social media barrage that doesn't come from a bird? TWEETSTORM

33 German river: EDER

34 Gets really high: SOARS

35 Asian language: LAO

36 Director WertmŸller: LINA

37 Rock gp. sometimes joined by Young: CSN

38 __ stick: bouncing toy: POGO

39 Wide shoe spec: EEE

40 "When I Need You" singer Leo: SAYER

42 Hunchbacked lab assistant: IGOR

43 Voguish term that doesn't come from a bee? BUZZPHRASE

46 Daly of "Judging Amy": TYNE

47 Three-vowel African river: UELE

48 Bit of bickering: TIFF

50 Military "pineapples": GRENADES

54 Wikipedia policy: NOADS

57 Archaeological find: RELIC

58 Fabric made from tree exteriors that doesn't come from a dog? BARKCLOTH

61 __ worse than death: AFATE

62 Downed: ATE

63 Arm bones: ULNAE

64 Ho Chi __ City: MINH

65 "Sure": YEP

66 Certain NCOs: SSGTS


1 Letters on a law office door: ESQ

2 We, to one who says "oui": NOUS

3 "Dang!": DRAT

4 And so on: ETCETERA

5 Senegal's capital: DAKAR

6 Moo __ pork: SHU

7 Balkan native: SERB

8 Certain surgeon's "patient": TREE

9 Prestige: CACHET

10 Cousteau's field: OCEANOLOGY

11 Gallup specialty: POLL

12 Fastidious to a fault: ANAL

15 Exposes: BARES

17 Thickens, as cream: CLOTS

21 Approximate nos.: ESTS

23 Like a good-sized garage: TWOCAR

25 People focus, for short: CELEB

26 "Bye" that's bid: ADIEU

27 Caracas native: VENEZUELAN

29 Snap course: EASYA

30 Writer Hemingway: ERNEST

31 Make fun of: RAGON

32 Mandy of "This Is Us": MOORE

38 Traps for the unwary: PITFALLS

40 Lawn tool storage building: SHED

41 Sign again: REINK

44 Highest point: ZENITH

45 "Peyton __": PLACE

49 Concentrate: FOCUS

50 Fat unit: GRAM

51 Bank offering, briefly: REFI

52 "Buy It Now" site: EBAY

53 Fill to the max: SATE

55 Bell sound: DONG

56 PDQ, in the ER: STAT

59 Sales agent: REP

60 Cock and bull: HES

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