LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 18 July 2018

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Los Angeles Times 18 July 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 18 July 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Moo __ pork: SHU

4 Low-level employment: MCJOB

9 Starz competitor: TMC

12 Police: COPS

14 Sweet text: ILUVU

15 "No argument": TRUE

16 "Don't make __ hard!": ITSO

17 Drew (in): LURED

18 Backwoods possessive: HISN

19 "__, Brute?": ETTU

20 Some ski lifts: TBARS

21 "It is the __, and Juliet is the sun": Romeo: EAST

22 "How cool!": NEATO

24 Former JFK lander: SST

25 "Burnt" pigment: UMBER

26 Comic strip woman who married Irving: CATHY

27 Baja bear: OSO

28 Mac: FELLA

29 Language suffix: ESE

30 Prefaced: LEDINTO

33 Au pair's subj.: ESL

34 Many Olympic events: RACES

35 Wolfs (down): SCARFS

40 Vistula River city: KRAKOW

46 Chef's hat: TOQUE

47 Little untruth: FIB

50 Ewe-ish? OVINE

51 Uncertainty: DOUBT

52 Master: ACE

53 Medieval weapons: MACES

54 Completes a road test maneuver ... or the answers to starred clues, as arranged: PARALLELPARKS

57 Game before the finals: SEMI

58 Doughnut finish: GLAZE

59 Analogy words: ISTO

61 __ II razor: TRAC

62 One wearing gloves to work: BOXER

63 Poolroom array: CUES

64 Tax form IDs: SSNS

65 Pipsqueak: TWERP

66 Omar of "House": EPPS


1 *It may be political: SCIENCE

2 Starbucks purchases: HOTTEAS

3 Lake Placid, vis-ˆ-vis New York City: UPSTATE

4 Jazz vibraphonist Jackson: MILT

5 Spritzer mixer: CLUBSODA

6 *Period in the Age of Reptiles: JURASSIC

7 Intimation: OVERTONE

8 Blossoms-to-be: BUDS

9 Subject to court judgment: TRIABLE

10 Common paella ingredients: MUSSELS

11 *New Orleans time zone: CENTRAL

13 *Deep __: SOUTH

15 *Main idea: THEME

23 Skinny toon Olive: OYL

25 Mysterious craft: UFO

31 Stammering sounds: ERS

32 Disapproving sound: TSK

35 Criterion: Abbr.: STD

36 Craftsmen paid by the barrel? COOPERS

37 Atlantis dweller of comics: AQUAMAN

38 Protocols: RUBRICS

39 Greek cheese: FETA

41 Tomato variety: ROMA

42 Greed: AVARICE

43 Creates, as a fuss: KICKSUP

44 Ragtime dance: ONESTEP

45 Director Craven: WES

47 Uncultivated, as farmland: FALLOW

48 Mountaineer's aid: ICEAXE

49 Richard of "Law & Order: SVU": BELZER

55 Pride parade letters: LGBT

56 Heist puller: PERP

57 City map parts: Abbr.: STS

60 CIA predecessor: OSS

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