LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 18 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Like challah bread: EGGY

5 Obligations: DEBTS

10 Pistons' org.: NBA

13 Broadway seductress: LOLA

14 Threepio's pal: ARTOO

15 Take the show on the road: TOUR

16 *Goof off: FOOLAROUND

18 Stunt legend Knievel: EVEL

19 Suit parts: VESTS

20 Gross sales, on an income statement: TOPLINE

22 Juices up: FUELS

24 *Mecca for sci-fi and superhero fans: COMICCON

25 Jessica of the "Fantastic Four" films: ALBA

26 Mysterious power: ESP

28 Votes against: NOES

29 *Trace-amount precipitation: SNOWFLURRIES

33 Burden: TAX

34 Co-star/co-creator Issa __ of HBO's "Insecure": RAE

35 Prefix with -gram: ANA

36 Quick drink: NIP

39 *Object of Jason's quest: GOLDENFLEECE

42 Oil cartel: OPEC

44 Commotion: ADO

45 __ Stefani, returning coach on "The Voice": GWEN

46 *Make flashy modifications to: TRICKOUT

49 Puts on Facebook: POSTS

50 Alerts on the road: HONKSAT

51 Often-dystopian conflict: WWIII

53 "Er, I'd rather not": UMNO

54 Freelance for extra income ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: SIDEHUSTLE

58 Start of D-Day? DEES

59 Like Navy SEALs: ELITE

60 Run like heck: TEAR

61 Nursery roll: SOD

62 Intuit: SENSE

63 Watson who played Hermione in Harry Potter films: EMMA


1 Sprite: ELF

2 Muck: GOO

3 Car storage spot: GLOVEBOX

4 Sonia Sotomayor's alma mater: YALELAW

5 Pub flier: DART

6 Greek Cupid: EROS

7 Approx. 1,055 joules: BTU

8 Depp's "Lone Ranger" role: TONTO

9 Genesis city of sin: SODOM

10 Beginner: NOVICE

11 __ Aires: BUENOS

12 "Over the Rainbow" composer: ARLEN

15 AT&T and Verizon: TELCOS

17 Pack animal: ASS

21 __ gland: organ that secretes melatonin: PINEAL

22 Extreme diet: FAST

23 Forearm bone: ULNA

24 Life-saving proc.: CPR

26 Mideast airline: ELAL

27 Took to court: SUED

30 Monastic garments: FROCKS

31 South African capital: RAND

32 Recon target: INFO

36 One may trend on Twitter: NEWSITEM

37 "Law & Order: SVU" actor: ICET

38 Pilot products: PENS

39 Sticky-toed lizards: GECKOS

40 Wear (away): EAT

41 Chanel fragrance for men: EGOISTE

42 Words that begin the line before "Deny thy father and refuse thy name": OROMEO

43 Determined precisely, with "down": PINNED

46 Dull sounds: THUDS

47 Caravan stops: OASES

48 Functional: UTILE

49 More, on a score: PIU

51 Dampens: WETS

52 Roller coaster cry: WHEE

55 Racket: DIN

56 Quick flight: LAM

57 Eventful chapter: ERA

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