LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 18 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 18 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 18 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Early finisher's luxury: TIMETOSPARE

12 Word heard before a hike: HUT

15 Paper Mate introduced one in 1979: ERASABLEPEN

16 Hearth debris: ASH

17 Mock question of literacy: CANTYOUREAD

18 Poe's __ Morgue: RUE

19 Casual greeting: HEY

20 Struggle with one's sins? LISP

21 Vicu–a cousins: LLAMAS

23 __ pit: MOSH

24 Trap: PIEHOLE

25 Set out: DEPART

28 Relay: PASSON

29 Some memory triggers: ODORS

30 Polite gesture from Alice: CURTSYING

33 Malicious gossip: DIRT

34 Actions to avoid: DONTS

35 "The Hound of the Baskervilles" setting: MOOR

36 Trial results: DECISIONS

38 "Nobody Listens to __ Poundstone": comedy podcast: PAULA

39 Not on the ball: UNWARY

40 Spacely Space Sprockets employee: JETSON

41 Some pending cases: APPEALS

43 French bean? TETE

44 Twist in pain: WRITHE

45 Play the sycophant to, with "over": FAWN

46 Ms. Pac-Man ghost: SUE

49 Hedonist's goal: FUN

50 Boss's unsettling request: IDLIKEAWORD

53 A, to AmŽlie: UNE

54 Barcelona star: LIONELMESSI

55 "__ Miz": LES

56 Thurible go-with: INCENSEBOAT


1 Modern fixer: TECH

2 Hymn singer's wrath? IRAE

3 Loads: MANY

4 Part of i.e.: EST

5 Musical family including James and Livingston: TAYLORS

6 One behind a violist, maybe: OBOIST

7 Wintry nuisance: SLUSH

8 BOLO target: PERP

9 Clint's Clyde, in a 1978 movie: APE

10 Dreamers' opposites: REALISTS

11 Circular, in a way: ENDLESS

12 Like Pentatonix numbers: HARMONIOUS

13 Expected: USUAL

14 What we have here: THESE

22 Sailor's shout: AHOYMATE

23 Strict disciplinarian: MARTINET

24 Play things: PARTS

25 __-Frank: 2010 financial reform bill: DODD

26 Singer Brickell: EDIE

27 Natural-born quillers? PORCUPINES

28 Like Nash poetry: PUNNY

30 Brewery in Golden, Colorado: COORS

31 Short court plea: NOLO

32 Pop's ma: GRAN

34 Focused: DIALEDIN

37 One of Kenya's official languages: SWAHILI

38 Honey or sugar: PETNAME

40 The Dresden Green and The Graff Pink: JEWELS

41 Not good at all: AWFUL

42 Cut back: PRUNE

43 Occupied: TAKEN

45 Okay: FINE

46 Just okay: SOSO

47 Space bear: URSA

48 Change the narrative? EDIT

51 "Funky Cold Medina" rapper Tone __: LOC

52 Pathological liar's creation: WEB

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