LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 18 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Actress Gillan of "Guardians of the Galaxy": KAREN

6 Has a frog in one's throat: RASPS

11 Caps Lock neighbor: TAB

14 Texas tourist spot: ALAMO

15 Insistent comeback: ISTOO

16 "It's __-win situation": ANO

17 Steal from a box office? LIFTTICKETS

19 Dress to the nines, with "up": TOG

20 Put away: EAT

21 Like a loud crowd: AROAR

22 Bellybutton type: OUTIE

24 Sources of wisdom: ORACLES

26 Chincoteague horse: PONY

27 Clumsy: GAWKY

30 Steal from a bar? HOOKSHOTS

32 Ostrich cousin: RHEA

33 Got together: MET

34 Sudoku digit: ONE

35 Routine grounder, e.g.: EASYOUT

37 Timber-cutting tool: BROADAX

41 Bird whose eye is in the Wise potato chips logo: OWL

42 __ race: RAT

43 Field mouse: VOLE

44 Steal from a government database? NICKNAMES

48 Goddess trio, with "the": FATES

49 Workplace standards org.: OSHA

50 Integer: NUMERAL

52 Moves with the breeze: SWAYS

54 Grenoble greeting: SALUT

55 Feed bit: OAT

58 Top __: TEN

59 Steal from a beauty salon? POCKETCOMBS

62 Syncopated work: RAG

63 Where van Gogh's second "Sunflowers" series was painted: ARLES

64 St. Teresa's town: AVILA

65 Is for two? ARE

66 Bobby pin target: TRESS

67 __ Tots: TATER


1 Curly leafy green: KALE

2 Latin "others": ALIA

3 Rapids transit: RAFT

4 Ambulance pro: EMT

5 Official with a seal: NOTARY

6 Bounce: RICOCHET

7 Set the price high: ASKALOT

8 Sound system: STEREO

9 Cauldron: POT

10 Mediocre: SOSO

11 Many a clue in the TV series "Blindspot": TATTOO

12 Sanctify with oil: ANOINT

13 Pro golfer's disappointments: BOGEYS

18 Glass of public radio: IRA

23 Sudden, dramatic disruption: UPHEAVAL

24 "I heard you the last time": OKAYOKAY

25 Tennis garment: SKORT

27 Higher ed. test: GRE

28 "Yes!": AHA

29 "Isle of Dogs" director Anderson: WES

31 __ Balls: former Hostess treats: SNO

33 Disney film based on a Chinese legend: MULAN

36 "Queen Sugar" cable station: OWN

37 Unfounded: BASELESS

38 On the __: DOT

39 Tavern tankard: ALE

40 Simple signatures: XES

42 New film versions: REMAKES

44 Cosa __: NOSTRA

45 "Cross my heart!": ISWEAR

46 Coins returned: CHANGE

47 Brawn: MUSCLE

48 One of the haves: FATCAT

51 Boring routine: RUT

53 Minor disagreement: SPAT

55 Leave unsaid: OMIT

56 Not all thumbs: ABLE

57 Deposed Russian ruler: TSAR

60 "Bobby Hockey": ORR

61 Egg cells: OVA

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