LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 18 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 18 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 18 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cleaning up a mess? ONKP

5 Overcomes, as adversity: RISESABOVE

15 River to the Laptev Sea: LENA

16 Beset by dire circumstances: INEXTREMIS

17 Reach new heights: GROW

18 Sharper: SCAMARTIST

19 Publication for pitchers? ADWEEK


22 "I have a lady in the balcony" old radio/TV quiz show: DRIQ

24 Binge-watcher's aid: TIVO

25 Showman named Phineas: PTBARNUM

29 Butterflies: NERVES

33 __ room: CHAT

34 Largest Italian lake: GARDA

36 __ Valley, Calif.: SIMI

37 Court judgment: LET

38 Metaphorical social barrier: ICE

39 Salon substance: GEL

40 They might be about nothing: ADOS

42 Gather in a mass: CLUMP

44 Self-named 1954 or 1964 jazz album: MONK

45 Expel: BANISH

47 Disgruntled fans, slangily: BOOBIRDS

49 Novelist O'Flaherty: LIAM

51 X-Ray __: U.K. punk band: SPEX

52 Socrates or Plato: ATHENIAN

56 Meditative discipline: TAICHI


62 Kennebunk-based personal care products brand, familiarly: TOMS

63 Old crate: RATTLETRAP

64 Noodle bar order: UDON

65 Windows alternatives: AISLESEATS

66 Shady time, for some: PAST


1 Wife of Igor of Kiev: OLGA

2 Socially awkward type: NERD

3 Recognize: KNOW

4 Handled carelessly: PAWEDAT

5 Putting in jeopardy: RISKING

6 Like many beginners' piano pieces: INC

7 Burn slightly: SEAR

8 Keith Hernandez, e.g.: EXMET

9 Marathoner's need: STAMINA

10 Succeed big-time: ARRIVE

11 Pool habitu├ęs: BETTORS

12 Leave off: OMIT

13 It has two jaws: VISE

14 Storefront sign abbr.: ESTD

20 Miss an easy spare, say: ERR

23 Bobwhite, e.g.: QUAIL

25 Classroom with mice: PCLAB

26 Old-time screen vamp Bara: THEDA

27 Track bar: BATON

28 Ernie Banks' sobriquet: MRCUB

30 Intensity: VIGOR

31 Fix, as copy: EMEND

32 Track apparel: SILKS

35 Teaching methods: DEMOS

41 A quarter of a half? SILENTL

42 Some recliners: CHAISES

43 Beer openers: POPTOPS

44 Scrap: MIXITUP

46 One of Pete Rose's record 3,215: SINGLE

48 '80s-'90s co-star with Betty, Rue and Estelle: BEA

50 Far from shiny: MATTE

52 First razor with a pivoting head: ATRA

53 Chiang Mai native: THAI

54 Battleship goals: HITS

55 Myrna's role in "The Thin Man": NORA

57 Musical closing: CODA

58 Managed care gps.: HMOS

59 Exists no more: ISNT

61 Brooklynese pronoun: DAT

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