LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 18 March 2018

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Los Angeles Times 18 March 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 18 March 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Peaks: ACMES

6 Two-letter pop group: ABBA

10 Prepares potatoes, in a way: WHIPS

15 Card in a wallet: VISA

19 Zagreb native: CROAT

20 Vanishing sound: POOF

21 Seating option: AISLE

22 It gives you the big picture: IMAX

23 Most highly regarded seasoning? TARRAGONOFVIRTUE

26 Side: EDGE

27 Call for icing, maybe: SWELLUP

28 Author Binchy: MAEVE

29 Limo amenity: MINIBAR

31 Literally, "shady side": YIN

32 Like two Beethoven piano sonatas: INE

33 Groom on a 1952 Life cover: ABNER

34 B, in a sandwich: BACON

37 Bridget Riley's "Movement in Squares," e.g.: OPART

40 23rd of 24: PSI

41 Gets more friendly, with "up": WARMS

45 __ collar: ETON

46 Brusque orchestral violinists? TERSESTRINGS

49 Alley in comics: OOP

50 Soft shoe: MOC

51 Portends: BODES

52 Bush boss: REAGAN

53 Singer DiFranco: ANI

54 Card game shout: UNO

55 "Trinity" novelist: URIS

56 "__ Not There": Zombies hit: SHES

58 Child with a sponsor, maybe: GODSON

60 Homer's "Northeaster," for one: SEASCAPE

62 Wall covers: PANELS

65 Quick quality: WIT

66 Italian noble family: ESTE

67 Actress Helen with her personal programmer? HUNTANDTECH

70 One of a program dozen: STEP

73 Big-eyed bird: OWL

75 "Tristram Shandy" author: STERNE

76 Bag by the barbecue: CHARCOAL

78 Lit: SOUSED

81 Honey beverage: MEAD

82 "Hamilton" award: TONY

83 97-Across output: RTE

84 Holiday drink: NOG

85 Knockoff hr.: FIVEPM

88 Glittery rock: GEODE

89 Logician's letters: QED

90 Granite St. campus: UNH

91 Kids responsible for breakfast bread? TOASTERGIRLS

94 Town: BURG

95 Low choristers: BASSI

97 See 83-Across: GPS

98 Golf bag set: IRONS

99 "Not a chance!": MYEYE

100 Pie nut: PECAN

102 Kiss at the mall, briefly: PDA

103 Security briefing org.: CIA

104 Lunch with fish: TUNASUB

107 Large crosses: ROODS

109 Head honcho, e.g.: MAGNATE

113 Finished: OVER

114 Well-ventilated chef's hat? TOQUEFULLOFHOLES

117 It's often stained: DECK

118 Language that gives us "kayak": INUIT

119 "The Clan of the Cave Bear" author: AUEL

120 Old Eurasian rulers: TSARS

121 Wine adjective: OAKY

122 Ideal areas: EDENS

123 Letters before Q? LGBT

124 Limited-choice, as a question: YESNO


1 John follower: ACTS

2 Sticking point? CRAW

3 Extra: MORE

4 Near the start: EARLYON

5 Yalta Conference notable: STALIN

6 Informal pricing words: APOP

7 __ vivant: BON

8 High time: BOOM

9 __ de coeur: amorous relationship: AFFAIRE

10 Forgo: WAIVE

11 Put on: HIRE

12 Musician's suffix: IST

13 Pipes and such: PLUMBING

14 Welcome: SEEIN

15 Former "Today" co-host: VIEIRA

16 Source of film trivia: IMDB

17 Complex story: SAGA

18 Lumberyard supplier: AXER

24 Staple __: GUN

25 Doesn't hold back: VENTS

30 Ski resort refreshment? NEWSNOW

33 It borders three oceans: ASIA

34 Mystify: BEMUSE

35 Does penance (for): ATONES

36 Chocolate-loving gang? COCOATOUGHS

37 Rex in the classics: OEDIPUS

38 It may be given with a bow: PRESENT

39 Saddlebag carrier: ASS

40 Radio tuning shortcut: PRESET

42 Measurement for meat rotating on a spit? ROASTTORQUE

43 Like many Bing Crosby records: MONO

44 Slant: SPIN

46 Sacred scroll: TORAH

47 Got hot online: TRENDED

48 Joke: GAG

51 Florida NFLer: BUC

56 Words often about details: SPAREME

57 Yogi Bear co-creator: HANNA

59 CD part: DISC

61 Bastes, say: SEWS

63 Talking point? LECTERN

64 Educates: SCHOOLS

68 Lures: TEMPTS

69 Straights and flushes: HANDS

71 Place to grab a bite: EATERY

72 Promise: PLEDGE

74 Randy Johnson and Aroldis Chapman: LEFTIES

77 Deli choice: RYE

78 Oscar __: SNUB

79 O'Neill's daughter: OONA

80 Giuseppe's god: DIO

86 Wanderer: VAGABOND

87 80%-Disney-owned channel: ESPN

88 Nats pitcher González: GIO

92 Done with: RIDOF

93 Slow and steady: GRADUAL

94 Just barely, at the track: BYANOSE

96 Animated: SPARKY

99 Powerful: MIGHTY

101 Adorable one: CUTIE

102 "Dead __ Society": 1989 film: POETS

103 Half-__: coffee order: CAF

104 Stink: TODO

105 Middle eye layer: UVEA

106 Part of the woods? NECK

107 Really mess up: RUIN

108 Hit hard: SLUG

109 Shed: MOLT

110 Start of a sad tale: ALAS

111 Bird related to the noddy: TERN

112 Brand that's a homophone of its company's initials: ESSO

115 N.Y. neighbor: QUE

116 Where some pounds are spent: Abbr.: LEB

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