LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 18 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Slick-talking: GLIB

5 Crime organizations: GANGS

10 On the Atlantic, say: ASEA

14 Bow-and-arrow-carrying Hindu god: RAMA

15 Spry: AGILE

16 Running shoe brand: NIKE

17 Smartphone downloads: APPS

18 Tonto's friend, with "The": LONERANGER

20 Copper-and-zinc alloy: BRASS

22 Countries: NATIONS

23 Early Neil Diamond hit: SOLITARYMAN

26 Fireworks reaction: OOH

28 "Honest" prez: ABE

29 Suffix with ranch: ERO

30 Work into a frenzy: STIRUP

32 Brother of Bobby Kennedy: TED

33 Lawman Wyatt: EARP

35 Body art, briefly: TATS

36 Offspring sans siblings: ONLYCHILD

40 Sheet music pitch indicator: CLEF

43 Leaning Tower site: PISA

44 "Survivor" station: CBS

47 Gauchos' lariats: REATAS

50 Chair part: LEG

51 Paintings, etchings, etc.: ART

52 10-minute NFL periods, if they last that long: OTS

53 Used car selling point: SINGLEOWNER

57 Alike in many respects: SIMILAR

59 Capital of Yemen: SANAA

60 Something unlike any other: ONEOFAKIND

63 Repairs with turf, as a lawn: SODS

64 Cap'n's mate: BOSN

65 Birds in a gaggle: GEESE

66 French cruise stops: ILES

67 "The Simpsons" bus driver: OTTO

68 __ Allan Poe: EDGAR

69 Laundry brand: TIDE


1 Clutches for: GRABSAT

2 Carriage passenger's warmer: LAPROBE

3 Stabbed by Buffy, as a vampire: IMPALED

4 Voices below tenori: BASSI

5 Four qts.: GAL

6 In days of yore: AGO

7 Fool: NINNY

8 Eye twinkle: GLEAM

9 Sealy competitors: SERTAS

10 Year in Tuscany: ANNO

11 Lady of Italy: SIGNORA

12 Barely manages, as a living: EKESOUT

13 Bubbly prefix: AER

19 "__ That a Shame": AINT

21 Dutch painter Jan: STEEN

24 Devastated Asian sea: ARAL

25 Golfer McIlroy: RORY

27 Some laptops: HPS

31 "__ be my pleasure": ITD

34 Angel dust, for short: PCP

36 Shakespearean "frequently": OFT

37 Jack and Jill went up one: HILL

38 "Understood": ISEE

39 Old Nigerian capital: LAGOS

40 __-Magnon: CRO

41 "Better if we skip this": LETSNOT

42 Most simple: EASIEST

44 Tubular ricotta-filled pastry: CANNOLI

45 Covered with crumbs before cooking: BREADED

46 Street in Berlin: STRASSE

48 "Not likely!": ASIF

49 Stored fodder: SILAGE

54 In one's birthday suit: NAKED

55 "Norwegian Dances" composer: GRIEG

56 "__ something I said?": WASIT

58 Pre-stereo: MONO

60 "Name a price--I'm flexible," in ads: OBO

61 Intel-gathering govt. group: NSA

62 __ Spiegel: German magazine: DER

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