LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 18 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 18 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Winnipeg NHLer: JET

4 Dwellings: ABODES

10 Retirement outfit? PJS

13 Tailless primate: APE

14 Low-ranked British peers: BARONS

15 "La Bamba" star __ Diamond Phillips: LOU

16 "No, no, more user-friendly than DOS. __!": PICTUREWINDOWS

19 Make the same point as: ECHO

20 Ran: BLED

21 Hogwarts letter carriers: OWLS

22 Throws a bomb, in football: GOESLONG

25 "No, no, flatter than sharks. __!": FIGURESKATES

29 Some Strads: CELLI

30 Hosiery hue: TAUPE

32 "The Great" pope between Sixtus III and Hilarius: STLEOI

34 "Peanuts" character spelled with a hyphen until 1981: PIGPEN

35 __ chi: TAI

36 At home with: USEDTO

39 Also mention: ADD

40 "No, no, bigger than Humvees. __!": THINKTANKS

43 Former Cubs exec Epstein: THEO

45 Hardy heroine: TESS

46 Watchdog gp. created under Nixon: OSHA

49 Traffic signals? HORNS

51 Two cents: INPUT

52 "No, no, scarier than iguanas. __!": IMAGINEDRAGONS

57 Bottom line: NET

58 Polite refusal: NOMAAM

59 Numbered hwy.: RTE

60 Asian honorific: SRI

61 Leaves befuddled: STUMPS

62 Org. created in response to 9/11: TSA


1 Mocking remark: JAPE

2 Really cool: EPIC

3 Georgia __: TECH

4 Disney monkey: ABU

5 Mop manager? BARBER

6 Promise of dire consequences: ORELSE

7 IKEA kit pieces: DOWELS

8 City about 250 miles NNW of Dallas, TX: ENIDOK

9 Govt. ID: SSN

10 Clear of snow: PLOW

11 Fleshy fold: JOWL

12 Puzzle (out): SUSS

17 Alt-tab function: TOGGLE


23 Yves' eager assent: OUIOUI

24 Turkey, for one: NATION

25 Brine-cured Greek cheese: FETA

26 Uneducated group: ILLITERATI

27 Travel authorization for citizens of a 27-mem. union: EUPASSPORT

28 Zoomed: SPED

29 Winter hrs. in IL: CST

31 Terminate: END

33 Wasn't present? ISNT

34 Education support gps.: PTAS

37 Stretch (out): EKE

38 RB stoppers: DTS

41 With 42-Down, city on the Pearl River Delta: HONG

42 See 41-Down: KONG

43 Starts to disperse, as a crowd: THINS

44 Round-tripper: HOMER

47 Looks (for): HUNTS

48 Befuddled: ATSEA

50 Serious violations: SINS

51 Brand with a paw print on its logo: IAMS

53 Punctuating word indicating sarcasm: NOT

54 Long-legged runner: EMU

55 Lake Mead creator: DAM

56 Genre for Master P or Heavy D: RAP

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