LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 18 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 March 2022

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1 Westernmost African capital: DAKAR

6 Ballroom dance: RUMBA

11 World's oldest natl. channel: BBC

14 Historical 1960 John Wayne film, with "The": ALAMO

15 Ewoks' forest moon: ENDOR

16 Notable period: ERA

17 Spanish artist's portrait of an American president? DALIMADISON

19 What Marcie calls Peppermint Patty: SIR

20 Tokyo beer brand: ASAHI

21 Up and about: MOBILE

23 "Just like that!": BAM

25 Charges too much: SOAKS

28 Loaf: IDLE

29 Skill-measuring method: EXAM

31 Swiss artist's painting of a bird? KLEEPIGEON

34 Do well on the test: GETAB

36 Press start? PERMA

37 American artist's condiment rendering? SARGENTPEPPER

42 Temple reading: TORAH

43 Vegas natural: SEVEN

45 American pop artist's drawing of an ulna? HARINGBONE

50 Betray the gang: SING

51 Dutch __: OVEN

52 Merciless: STONY

54 Elton's john: LOO

55 Opinion: BELIEF

58 66-Across arrival: GUEST

60 Nectar collector: BEE

61 Mexican artist's poinsettia painting? KAHLOFLOWER

66 58-Across booking: INN

67 Kids' refrain: EIEIO

68 Top-notch: PRIMO

69 Kid: TOT

70 Cowgirl's ride: STEED

71 Perceive: SENSE


1 __ joke: DAD

2 __ mode: ALA

3 Greek olive named for its place of origin: KALAMATA

4 C™te d'Azur comrades: AMIS

5 Canning tomatoes: ROMAS

6 Phone timesaver: REDIAL

7 Cambridge, colloquially: UNI

8 Checkup pros: MDS

9 Sailing spar: BOOM

10 River through Florence: ARNO

11 Not relevant to: BESIDE

12 S.O.S alternative: BRILLO

13 Turn recklessly: CAREEN

18 "I see now": AHOK

22 King Kong and Lady Kong: BIGAPES

23 Beseech: BEG

24 Plot lines: AXES

26 Served in a chafing dish, say: KEPTHOT

27 Trickle: SEEP

30 Bond holding? MARTINI

32 TSA __Check: PRE

33 Little devils: IMPS

35 Commercial letters after Bug or Weed: BGON

38 Small amount of work: ERG

39 Slaps the cuffs on: NABS

40 Villain in Stephen King's "The Dark Half," e.g.: EVILTWIN

41 Silver State city: RENO

44 Park __: airport facility: NGO

45 Halfling of Middle-earth: HOBBIT

46 Olay rival: AVEENO

47 Let up: RELENT

48 Errant, as a field goal: NOGOOD

49 Sufficient, in texts: ENUF

53 Sounds from pounds: YELPS

56 Barely makes, with "out": EKES

57 __ accompli: FAIT

59 Ticked: SORE

62 Texter's chuckle: HEE

63 Rest: LIE

64 Half a mammal? EMS

65 Sushi garnish: ROE

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