LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 18 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 18 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 18 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sousa specialty: MARCH

6 Show appreciation for the performance: CLAP

10 __ 67: Montreal World's Fair: EXPO

14 Amtrak speedster: ACELA

15 Hand-up command: HALT

16 Really funny sort: RIOT

17 Food truck fare: TACOS

18 McDonald's slogan since 2003: IMLOVINIT

20 Go ballistic: HITTHECEILING

22 Bogey on a par 5: SIX

23 Homer's TV neighbor: NED

24 Tough H.S. exams: APS

27 Take the sloop out: SAIL

30 Self-indulgent period: METIME

35 2002 biopic about con man Frank Abagnale: CATCHMEIFYOUCAN

38 Opera highlight: ARIA

39 Kimono sash: OBI

40 First female attorney general: RENO

41 Cleaner of teeth: DENTALHYGIENIST

46 Takes care of: SEESTO

47 Hammett pooch: ASTA

48 Kickoff aid: TEE

49 Balaam's mount: ASS

51 Unit of heat: Abbr.: BTU

53 Overextended ... and what's literally in each set of circles: STRETCHEDTHIN

60 In exact terms: PRECISELY

62 Optimist's phrase: IHOPE

63 Chef's flavoring: HERB

64 Ensnare: TRAP

65 "Take a load off": RELAX

66 Uncertain: IFFY

67 "This round's __": ONME

68 Romantic rendezvous: TRYST


1 Course with operations: MATH

2 Trendy berry: ACAI

3 Four-sided fig.: RECT

4 Stops bleeding: CLOTS

5 Cannabis concentrate: HASHISH

6 Stylish: CHIC

7 Poor, as an excuse: LAME

8 Make-or-break poker bet: ALLIN

9 Ancient Greek astronomer: PTOLEMY

10 Activist Brockovich: ERIN

11 Ped __: street sign: XING

12 Hawaiian staple: POI

13 MLB Hall of Famer Mel: OTT

19 The "v" in vlog: VIDEO

21 Midterm, e.g.: EXAM

24 USMA and USNA: Abbr.: ACADS

25 "Gay" capital of song: PAREE

26 "Mostly Ghostly" series writer R.L. __: STINE

28 The "I" in I.M. Pei: IEOH

29 Niger neighbor: LIBYA

31 Chance to play: TURN

32 Ensure the win: ICEIT

33 Minister's house: MANSE

34 Cybermessage: ENOTE

36 Musical with the song "Memory": CATS

37 Newton fruit: FIGS

42 Gaming brand since 1972: ATARI

43 Is bested by: LOSESTO

44 The Beatles' "Let __": ITBE

45 Offer a humble retraction: EATDIRT

50 Back of the boat: STERN

52 __ Pendragon, King Arthur's father: UTHER

53 Medieval laborer: SERF

54 Frozen dessert chain: TCBY

55 Dig for quahogs, say: CLAM

56 Flashy promotion: HYPE

57 Sacred: HOLY

58 Hoppy brews, briefly: IPAS

59 "Whose turn is it?" shout: NEXT

60 Letter before chi: PHI

61 Ump's NBA counterpart: REF

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