LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 18 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 18 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 18 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Rapunzel's abundance: HAIR

5 "Finally!": ATLAST

11 Fashion monogram: YSL

14 "What __ is new?": ELSE

15 Dazed state: TRANCE

16 Punk subgenre: EMO

17 Investment option when leaving an employer: ROLLOVERIRA

19 Chem class: LAB

20 Link to another story? STAIR

21 __ Sutra: KAMA

22 Botch: FLUB

23 Station with an eye on the TV: CBS

25 Words of regret: APOLOGY

27 __ and reel: ROD

30 London fashion street: SAVILEROW

33 Big Apple? IMAC

35 Audio jack abbr.: MIC

36 "It's a Wonderful Life" director: CAPRA

39 Leaving the state without permission, perhaps: PAROLEVIOLATION

43 Low joint: ANKLE

44 Outer: Pref.: EXO

45 Tizzy: SNIT

46 Goal at a film audition: MOVIEROLE

50 Country quartet __ Young Band: ELI

51 Trattoria frozen dessert: GRANITA

53 Delay: LAG

55 "Darn!": RATS

56 Physics entity: ATOM

59 Goes it alone: SOLOS

63 Be in the picture? ACT

64 Dickens orphan, and what is found in each set of circles in this puzzle? OLIVERTWIST

66 Gym shirt: TEE

67 Wee: MINUTE

68 Mardi Gras locale, familiarly: NOLA

69 Pour hamster food into the dog's bowl, say: ERR

70 Guy who writes jokes: GAGMAN

71 Elitist sort: SNOB


1 Like everything in a she shed: HERS

2 Boatloads: ALOT

3 Land in the agua: ISLA

4 Ancient artifact: RELIC

5 Off-roader, for short: ATV

6 Long slog: TREK

7 Fictional archaeologist Croft: LARA

8 Critter: ANIMAL

9 Minor injury: SCRAPE

10 Steeped beverage: TEA

11 Evergreen wood used for flooring: YELLOWPINE

12 "The Hobbit" dragon: SMAUG

13 L, in a hotel elevator: LOBBY

18 Planets, to poets: ORBS

22 Ice cream concoctions: FLOATS

24 "Ditto": SAME

26 Killer whale: ORCA

27 TV host Kelly: RIPA

28 Mideast sultanate: OMAN

29 Hypothetical cosmic stuff: DARKMATTER

31 "Tom & __": biopic about T.S. Eliot and his first wife: VIV

32 Less approachable: ICIER

34 Analogy punctuation: COLONS

37 Make muddy: ROIL

38 Against: ANTI

40 "Shazam!" actor Zachary: LEVI

41 Good Grips gadget brand: OXO

42 Lounge around: LOLL

47 Napoli's home: ITALIA

48 Out to lunch, say: EATING

49 Sunrise locale: EAST

51 Rub harshly: GRATE

52 Indy entrant: RACER

54 Prom wear: GOWNS

57 Fertility clinic egg: OVUM

58 Like a podcast about recording a podcast: META

60 Detroit pro: LION

61 Capital city served by Gardermoen Airport: OSLO

62 Wild guess: STAB

64 "!!!": OMG

65 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rapper MC __: REN

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