LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 18 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Did one part of a typical triathlon: SWAM

5 Overwhelm: SWAMP

10 Camera output: SNAP

14 Tuscan waterway: ARNO

15 Smoothes: EASES

16 1899 gold rush town: NOME

17 It's nothing to Noelle: RIEN

18 Pines, e.g.: TREES

19 Wavy lines, in comics: ODOR

20 Start of a quip: ITWONTMATTER

23 Stuff in a sack: LOOT

24 Dough shortage consequence: DEBT

27 "Chicago P.D." detective Lindsay: ERIN

29 Quip, part 2: HOWFARYOU

34 Speaks: ORATES

36 Durango day: DIA

37 Rotation meas.: RPS

38 Quip, part 3: PUSHTHEENVELOPE

42 Pranks, in a way, informally: TPS

43 Browser's find: URL

44 Privileged groups: ELITES

45 Quip, part 4: ITLLSTILL

49 Wrapped up: OVER

50 See 52-Down: SEAT

51 Swiss waterway: AARE

53 End of the quip: BESTATIONERY

60 Hook for landing large fish: GAFF

63 Wines named for an Iberian city: PORTS

64 Pivot around: SLUE

65 Plot measure: ACRE

66 Mexican Academy of Film award: ARIEL

67 McCain's alma mater: Abbr.: USNA

68 Casino device: SHOE

69 Spider's web, e.g.: SNARE

70 Jury member: PEER


1 Asian garment: SARI

2 Legal paper: WRIT

3 Once more: ANEW

4 Yosemite's El Capitan, e.g.: MONOLITH

5 Scrape: SETTO

6 Affection: WARMTH

7 Europe-bound, perhaps: ASEA

8 Athletic contest: MEET

9 "Hey, you!": PSST

10 Common nocturnal disturbance: SNORER

11 Wordless opinion: NOD

12 Te-__: cigar brand: AMO

13 __ stirpes: estate law term: PER

21 Good-sized combo: NONET

22 First name in childcare writing: EDA

25 How many learn: BYROTE

26 High hat: TOPPER

27 Rages: ERUPTS

28 Brawl in the sticks: RASSLE

30 Former "Access Hollywood" anchor Nancy: ODELL

31 When repeated, mutually advantageous: WIN

32 Most liked, casually: FAVE

33 Versatility list: USES

34 Eye opener? OPTI

35 Close: SHUT

39 NW Penn. airport: ERI

40 Ecuadoran gold region: ELORO

41 Cheers: LIVENSUP

46 Tuition add-on: LABFEE

47 Abbr. in some Canadian place names: STE

48 LDS part: LATTER

52 With 50-Across, flier's option: AISLE

54 Therapeutic resorts: SPAS

55 Ambivalent: TORN

56 One of a tenor's repertoire: ARIA

57 Word suggesting options: ELSE

58 Ancient character: RUNE

59 Sentence component: YEAR

60 Yakking: GAS

61 German gripe: ACH

62 One way to sway: FRO

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