LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 18 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Aquarium: TANK

5 Yeshiva teacher: REBBE

10 Dance in a pit: MOSH

14 Iranian money: RIAL

15 For all to hear: ALOUD

16 Baja's opposite: ALTA

17 Swashbuckling leading man of Hollywood's Golden Age: ERROLFLYNN

19 Precious: DEAR

20 Delivers, as a convention-opening speech: KEYNOTES

21 Donny or Marie: OSMOND

23 Hairstyles: DOS

24 Art Deco designer: ERTE

25 Barbara of "Mission: Impossible": BAIN

27 German shepherd of '50s-'60s TV: RINTINTIN

32 Beach head-turners: HUNKS

33 Forest moon that's home to the Ewoks: ENDOR

34 Dedicated poem: ODE

35 First chip in the pot: ANTE

36 Tokyo's country: JAPAN

37 Pinot __: white wine grape: GRIS

38 Geol. or chem., e.g.: SCI

39 Nattily dressed fellows: DUDES

40 Fortune-teller's card: TAROT

41 North Vietnamese leader with a trail named for him: HOCHIMINH

43 City near Provo: OREM

44 "SportsCenter" channel: ESPN

45 Gear tooth: COG

46 "Peanuts" newspaper section: COMICS

49 Jeep model named for a tribe: CHEROKEE

54 "I get it now!" cries: AHAS

55 Hotel chain since 1952: HOLIDAYINN

57 Trap fluff: LINT

58 __ Oyl: OLIVE

59 Advance, as money: LEND

60 Enemies: FOES

61 Package sealers: TAPES

62 Pre-revelry nights: EVES


1 Long haul: TREK

2 Suffix with billion: AIRE

3 __ a soul: no one: NARY

4 Ice cream bar named for a Yukon river: KLONDIKE

5 Rapids transports: RAFTS

6 Fashion monthly: ELLE

7 Pop music's Backstreet __: BOYS

8 Pastry that might be sticky: BUN

9 Ralph Kramden's pal: EDNORTON

10 Drama set at an advertising agency: MADMEN

11 Bread spread: OLEO

12 Laurel seen with Hardy: STAN

13 Difficult: HARD

18 Diving birds: LOONS

22 Swizzle: STIR

24 Hyphen-like mark: ENDASH

25 Con game: BUNCO

26 Bit of high jinks: ANTIC

27 Transfer to memory, as data: READIN

28 Best way to sign: INPEN

29 MLB exec Joe: TORRE

30 "Take the cake" or "cream of the crop": IDIOM

31 Home on a branch: NEST

32 Diner fare: HASH

36 Basketball scoring technique: JUMPSHOT

37 Grotesque architectural figure: GARGOYLE

39 Part of DVD: DISC

40 Irish lullaby start: TOORA

42 Thieves' bank jobs: HEISTS

45 Hands over: CEDES

46 Cow kid: CALF

47 State east of Indiana: OHIO

48 Horse hair: MANE

49 Paper holder: CLIP

50 Bee home: HIVE

51 Ukraine's capital: KIEV

52 Feminine suffix: ENNE

53 Breaks off: ENDS

56 Suffix with pay or Cray-: OLA

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