LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 18 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 High-arcing tennis shot: LOB

4 Merlot and Malbec: REDS

8 Surname at Tara: OHARA

13 Thurman in films: UMA

14 British noble: EARL

15 Particle in a nucleus: PROTON

16 Happy-go-lucky: CAREFREE

18 Supper, say: REPAST

19 Ancient Andeans: INCAS

20 Seek the affections of: WOO

22 The "E" in HOMES: ERIE

23 Fizzles out: DIES

24 Meddlesome types: BUSYBODIES

27 Germ-killing brand: LYSOL

29 Norse explorer Ericson: LEIF

30 As well: TOO

32 Cry from a sty: OINK

34 State-sponsored gambling game: LOTTO

38 Pie à la mode choice: VANILLAICECREAM

42 Tolerate: STAND

43 PBS science series: NOVA

44 Chick-to-be, maybe: EGG

45 April 1 "honoree": FOOL

48 First head of the USSR: LENIN

50 Anxiety resulting from being stuck indoors: CABINFEVER

54 Apples on desks: MACS

57 Codebreaker Turing: ALAN

58 Public health org.: FDA

59 Bird that beats a birdie? EAGLE

60 Small, sizewise: PETITE

62 Morale booster ... or words that might suggest the arrival of one of the circled words: PICKMEUP

65 Left the building: EXITED

66 Texan's neighbor: OKIE

67 Cooperstown stat: RBI

68 Gathered, as leaves: RAKED

69 Use a Kindle: READ

70 Fed. benefits provider: SSA


1 Thinking clearly: LUCID

2 Saudi neighbor: OMANI

3 Spanish port city: BARCELONA

4 NFL officials: REFS

5 Spot for a bud: EAR

6 "The Chronic" Dr.: DRE

7 Gobs and gobs: SLEWS

8 Smeltery supply: ORE

9 Wished one could have: HOPEDFOR

10 Gaming giant: ATARI

11 TV personality O'Donnell: ROSIE

12 Starts a poker pot: ANTES

15 Examine thoroughly: PROBE

17 "No sweat!": EASY

21 Tall, skinny Olive: OYL

24 Bubble, as water: BOIL

25 Forearm bone: ULNA

26 Tin Man's lubricator: OILCAN

28 Convinced of: SOLDON

30 Hotel room sets: TVS

31 Meal opening? OAT

33 All in the family: KIN

35 Many "Twilight" characters: TEENAGERS

36 Kids' chasing game: TAG

37 Texter's "Heavens!": OMG

39 Limitless: INFINITE

40 "Merry old" king: COLE

41 Always: EVER

46 Eliminated, gangland-style: OFFED

47 Went first: LED

49 Spiritual guide at a mosque: IMAM

50 Frivolous escapade: CAPER

51 Amazon Echo assistant: ALEXA

52 Craft to dye for: BATIK

53 Aircraft's trail: VAPOR

55 After-school groups: CLUBS

56 Old photo tone: SEPIA

59 Barely got, with "out": EKED

61 Bill's co-adventurer: TED

63 Name on a 1950s campaign button: IKE

64 Intelligence-gathering org.: CIA

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