LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 18 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 18 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 British bloke: CHAP

5 Title for a fictional fox: BRER

9 Pancake syrup tree: MAPLE

14 Prefix for "six": HEXA

15 Coleridge's "The __ of the Ancient Mariner": RIME

16 Partners of pains: ACHES

17 Many Manet works: OILS

18 Like a grand-scale fail: EPIC

19 __ Islander: small-state resident: RHODE

20 Earnings before the government's cut: PRETAXPROFITS

23 End in __: come out even: ATIE

24 French street: RUE

25 Cops' orgs.: PDS

28 Fave pal, in 67-Across: BFF

31 German pastry: STRUDEL

33 Question as to technique: HOW

34 New Haven collegian: YALIE

36 Cribbage piece: PEG

37 Gossip columnist Barrett: RONA

38 Words on a "No Trespassing" sign: PRIVATEPROPERTY

42 Rockers' sound machines: AMPS

43 Speck in la mer: ILE

44 Coloring cosmetic: ROUGE

45 Chessmen and board, e.g.: SET

46 Squeaky clean, as hospital supplies: STERILE

49 Alternative to grass seed: SOD

50 "No seats" initials: SRO

51 Big __: trademark burger: MAC

52 Gunk: GOOP

54 Invention that revolutionized book production: PRINTINGPRESS

60 First appearance: DEBUT

62 Promises at the altar: IDOS

63 __ Hari: MATA

64 Smidge: SKOSH

65 "Me neither": NORI

66 Getting people out of harm's way, for short: EVAC

67 Cellphone messages: TEXTS

68 Secluded valley: GLEN

69 __ of the woods: NECK


1 Lamb serving: CHOP

2 Will beneficiary: HEIR

3 Rod on which wheels turn: AXLE

4 Rotini or rigatoni: PASTA

5 Secession approved in a 2016 U.K. referendum: BREXIT

6 Jack the __: RIPPER

7 Arab leader: EMIR

8 Piccolo relative: RECORDER

9 Actress Hemingway: MARIEL

10 German eight: ACHT

11 Element in matches: PHOSPHORUS

12 Conducted: LED

13 Language suffix: ESE

21 On the Caribbean: ATSEA

22 En __: on a hot streak, slangily: FUEGO

26 "Stick around": DONTGO

27 Influenced: SWAYED

28 Road that avoids the city center: BYPASS

29 Crop raiser: FARMER

30 Container with an attached cover: FLIPTOPBOX

32 Michigan's __ Peninsula: UPPER

35 Drips in a hosp.: IVS

37 Classic roadster: REO

39 Giant: TITAN

40 Putting in office: ELECTING

41 Surg. holding area: PREOP

46 Workers with anvils: SMITHS

47 Pay no mind: IGNORE

48 Begins a computer session: LOGSIN

53 Ad agency guys responsible for 20-, 38- and 54-Across? PRMEN

55 Oxidation damage: RUST

56 Beloved star: IDOL

57 Roof gutter locale: EAVE

58 Like short, clipped notes, in mus.: STAC

59 Burlap container: SACK

60 Va. summer hours: DST

61 __ out a living: EKE

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