LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 18 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 18 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 18 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Starbucks orders, casually: JAVAS

6 Carnival staples: RIDES

11 Chance: SHOT

15 Perform better than: OUTDO

16 Scandal-plagued energy company: ENRON

17 Witness' promise: OATH

18 #1 hit for Jerry Lee Lewis: GREATBALLSOFFIRE

21 Squealed on the bad guys: SANG

22 Oscar winner Kazan: ELIA

23 Lemonlike fruit: CITRON

24 Grocery chain with a red-and-white logo: IGA

26 Like the Ninja Turtles: MUTANT

28 #1 hit for the Beach Boys: GOODVIBRATIONS

33 Vornado product: FAN

34 Landscaping tree: PINOAK

35 Peter was the first one: POPE

37 Application: USE

38 Federal retirement org.: SSA

39 Couple of million? ELS

42 Farm food: HAY

43 Justice __ Bader Ginsburg: RUTH

45 Get going: BESTIR

48 Have bills: OWE

49 #1 hit for Johnny Rivers: POORSIDEOFTOWN

53 "Let's get together": MEETME

54 Best-liked, briefly: FAV

55 Kite carrier: BREEZE

58 Italy's Villa d'__: ESTE

60 One of 12 on a die: EDGE

64 #1 hit for Jim Croce: BADBADLEROYBROWN

67 Brit's kitchen floor: LINO

68 Abates: EASES

69 Threw in: ADDED

70 Dispatch, as a dragon: SLAY

71 Oboist's supply: REEDS

72 Hired thugs: GOONS


1 Easy runs: JOGS

2 General feeling: AURA

3 Dodge Viper engine: VTEN

4 Slowly, in music: ADAGIO

5 Drunkard: SOT

6 Genuine: REAL

7 Undecided: INLIMBO

8 Advice giver on SiriusXM Radio: DRLAURA

9 Canon camera named for a dawn goddess: EOS

10 Winter vehicle on treads: SNOCAT

11 Convertible type: SOFTTOP

12 Tiny margin of victory: HAIR

13 Another, in Espa–a: OTRO

14 "__ what?": THEN

19 One of a pair of cartoon slackers: BEAVIS

20 It's over in France: FINI

25 National econ. stats: GDPS

27 Grow fond of: TAKETO

28 Go from E to F? GASUP

29 __ a customer: ONETO

30 "Soon": INABIT

31 Emphatic word of refusal: NOHOW

32 What salmon do upstream: SPAWN

33 Stole from a coat store? FUR

36 __ contact: EYE

40 River through Dublin: LIFFEY

41 Span. miss: SRTA

44 Neighborhood pal, in slang: HOMEBOY

46 Attorney general under Ronald Reagan: EDMEESE

47 Blows one's stack: SEESRED

50 Mohammad __ Pahlavi: last shah of Iran: REZA

51 Farm contraption: SEEDER

52 Engage in to excess: OVERDO

55 OPEC units: BBLS

56 Mass transit option: RAIL

57 Barry Humphries alter ego Dame __: EDNA

59 Mix, as salad: TOSS

61 Extinct bird: DODO

62 __ Stacy: Spider-Man love interest: GWEN

63 They might be loose or tight: ENDS

65 Ka __: southernmost Big Island point: LAE

66 Purse: BAG

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