LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 18 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 18 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sit tight: BIDE

5 Lucy who played Watson on "Elementary": LIU

8 10-Down instrument: PIPES

13 Isn't with more people? ARENT

15 Miller of "Room Service": ANN

16 Winner of four FIFA World Cups: ITALY

17 French toast part: SANTE

18 Baby goat: KID

19 Arc lamp gas: XENON

20 Nickname for the first Web user? INTERNETADAM

23 California peaks, with "the": SIERRAS

24 Peace, in Russian: MIR

25 Pen name: BIC

28 Family nickname: SIS

29 Benjamin Hoff's "The __ of Pooh": TAO

30 Japanese wrestling: SUMO

31 Middle of summer? EMS

34 General Motors toy? BABYGRANDAM

37 Stylish flap: LAPEL

39 Tarzan's Cheeta, for one: APE

40 Evasive maneuver: DODGE

41 Cheese snack for the road? DRIVERSEDAM

44 Until now: YET

45 Vogue rival: ELLE

46 Volume-increasing addition, usually: ESS

47 Small untruth: FIB

49 Mall __: RAT

50 Japanese yes: HAI

51 Pitcher's malady: SOREARM

55 Hangover ... and a hint to 20-, 34- and 41-Across: MORNINGAFTER

57 "Death of a Salesman" family name: LOMAN

60 Ambient music pioneer Brian: ENO

61 SoFi Stadium NFLer: LARAM

62 Winner of 15 Grammys (2009-2017): ADELE

63 Fort Worth sch.: TCU

64 Snail trail: SLIME

65 Loser to Roosevelt and Truman: DEWEY

66 Remained idle: SAT

67 Keep: LAST


1 Foundation: BASIS

2 Afghan's neighbor: IRANI

3 Al __: DENTE

4 Goes into: ENTERS

5 Land O'__: dairy aisle brand: LAKES

6 Competitive: INIT


8 "Cars" maker: PIXAR

9 Tabloid twosome: ITEM

10 Part-goat god: PAN

11 "Evil Woman" gp.: ELO

12 Example, for instance: Abbr.: SYN

14 Adjective for Alexander's day, in a Judith Viorst kids' book: TERRIBLE

21 Mars rover org.: NASA

22 Couture giant: DIOR

25 Mac: BUDDY

26 It might be spitting: IMAGE

27 Dancer companion: COMET

29 Varieties: TYPES

30 __-cone: SNO

31 Ranking member, as in a village: ELDER

32 Actress Gibbs of "The Jeffersons": MARLA

33 In need of mopping up: SPILT

35 Baby beds: BASSINETS

36 Military leaders: ADMIRALS

38 Portentous time: EVE

42 Bring up: REAR

43 In __: confused: AFOG

48 Come about: BEFALL

50 Dear: HONEY

51 Pig feature: SNOUT

52 Naturally lit courtyards: ATRIA

53 Paper quantities: REAMS

54 Big Apple sports mascot: MRMET

55 Tom or bull: MALE

56 Ancient Cuzco resident: INCA

57 Bloke: LAD

58 Wordsworth wrote one to duty: ODE

59 Pound sound: MEW

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