LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 19 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bonkers: LOCO

5 Raucous animal sound: BRAY

9 Sambuca flavoring: ANISE

14 Not up: ABED

15 Ire: RAGE

16 Trio in the logo of a national motorists' group: REDAS

17 Flatfish family founders? SOLEMATES

19 Acquires: GAINS

20 Shirt with a slogan: TEE

21 "Metamorphoses" poet: OVID

22 Mindless way to learn: BYROTE

23 When doubled, a German spa town: BADEN

25 Barbershop levy? POLETAX

26 Broadway restaurant founder: SARDI

28 Energizes: GOOSES

30 Upscale: CLASSY

32 Go bad: ROT

33 Pairs: TWOS

37 NFL pass, complete or not: ATT

38 Rabbit monopolizing the entrance to the warren? HOLEHOG

41 Fez or fedora: HAT

42 Pedi concerns: TOES

44 Day in Durango: DIA

45 N, in a TV content warning: NUDITY

47 Directions: TRENDS

50 Laconic: TERSE

51 Part in a Humpty Dumpty biopic? EGGROLE

54 Come to: TOTAL

56 Turf grippers: CLEATS

57 Die, e.g.: CUBE

58 Pet's attention-getter, perhaps: PAW

61 Great deal of, slangily: LOTTA

62 Mutant tree trunk with extraordinary powers? SUPERBOLE

64 Concerning: ABOUT

65 God with a quiver: EROS

66 Carrot (always) or stick (sometimes): ROOT

67 On edge: TENSE

68 Used to be: WERE

69 Tavern array: ALES


1 Final: LAST

2 Vowel-rich woodwind: OBOE

3 Have a party, say: CELEBRATE

4 One was written on an urn: ODE

5 Valorous: BRAVE

6 Five stars, e.g.: RATING

7 Like fine Scotch: AGED

8 Fist-pumper's cry: YES

9 Sock pattern: ARGYLE

10 Minimally distant: NEAREST

11 Jerk: IDIOT

12 One-night-a-year flier: SANTA

13 County not far from London: ESSEX

18 Fashionable: MODISH

22 With 52-Down, paper since 1872: BOSTON

24 Sunday paper barrage: ADS

25 Friend of Tigger: POOH

26 "Go away!": SCAT

27 Choir voice: ALTO

29 Mountain nymph: OREAD

31 Mountain melodies: YODELS

34 Draining effect: WHIRLPOOL

35 Equine eats: OATS

36 Eyelid problem: STYE

39 Triangle side, say: LINE

40 Site of unwanted suburban vegetation: GUTTER

43 Low cloud: STRATUS

46 Trafficking org.: DEA

48 Go around: ROTATE

49 Daze: STUPOR

51 Dazzling effect: ECLAT

52 See 22-Down: GLOBE

53 Mount: GETON

55 More than a little plump: OBESE

57 Medical research objective: CURE

59 Natural soother: ALOE

60 Dampens: WETS

62 Put in stitches: SEW

63 Product of Bali: BRA

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