LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 19 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Little jerk: TIC

4 Human: PERSON

10 Grand __: SLAM

14 NAACP co-founder __ B. Wells: IDA

15 Really go for, as an opportunity: LEAPAT

16 Spanish boy: NINO

17 *Colorful addition to an aquarium: DAMSELFISH

19 In the thick of: AMID

20 Down the road: AHEAD

21 13th to beware?: Abbr.: FRI

22 Cropped up: AROSE

23 Weaver's contraption: LOOM

24 *Big rig need: DIESELFUEL

26 Modern sweetie: BAE

28 Sidewalk stand drinks: ADES

29 Hot stuff: TABASCO

33 They roll at the end: CREDITS

36 "Planet Money" network: NPR

37 ATM user's need: PIN

38 Possess: OWN

39 '60s war zone: NAM

40 Afternoon break in London: TEATIME

42 Vexes: BOTHERS

44 Bareilles of "Waitress": SARA

45 "Star Wars" sequel trilogy heroine: REY

46 *Eco-friendly source of some shellfish: MUSSELFARM

51 GI on the lam: AWOL

55 Celestial ovine: ARIES

56 Dictator Amin: IDI

57 Where to find Bologna: ITALY

58 Cake layer: TIER

59 Like someone who only has I's for you? ... or an apt description of the answers to starred clues: EGOCENTRIC

61 Present: HERE

62 Not quite four times: THRICE

63 Binge-watcher's device: DVR

64 Winter glider: SLED

65 Shorthand pros: STENOS

66 Salty expanse: SEA


1 __ wave: TIDAL

2 Craters of the Moon state: IDAHO

3 Typical Stan Lee role: CAMEO

4 Begged: PLED

5 It might shock you: EEL

6 One-named "Baby Beluga" singer: RAFFI

7 Empire State Building topper: SPIRE

8 Desert relief spot: OASIS

9 To the __ degree: NTH

10 Wolfed (down): SNARFED

11 Stretch at a wedding? LIMOUSINE

12 Licorice-like flavoring: ANISE

13 Prototype: MODEL

18 Brazilian dance: SAMBA

22 Like firm pasta: ALDENTE

24 Number that has a point: DECIMAL

25 Far-too-memorable song: EARWORM

27 Hopes (to): ASPIRES

29 "Snowpiercer" network: TNT

30 Big swinger: APE

31 Lingerie top: BRASSIERE

32 __ of a kind: ONE

33 Kernel holder: COB

34 Road goo: TAR

35 Texting format, for short: SMS

41 Used a stun gun on: TASERED

43 Hilton competitor: HYATT

46 Arithmetic, to Brits: MATHS

47 Archangel who guarded Eden with a fiery sword: URIEL

48 Making-up preceder: FIGHT

49 Love to bits: ADORE

50 "Breaking Bad" poison: RICIN

52 Fends (off): WARDS

53 Kalamata __: OLIVE

54 Stretchy fiber: LYCRA

57 Model/actress Sastre: INES

59 Sci-fi beings: ETS

60 Novelist Umberto: ECO

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