LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 19 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Champagne choice: BRUT

5 Technical detail, briefly: SPEC

9 Faith that acknowledges the value of all religions: BAHAI

14 Mysterious character: RUNE

15 2012 Best Picture: ARGO

16 Use: EXERT

17 Chichén __: pyramid site: ITZA

18 Thought input? FOOD

19 Texas battle site: ALAMO

20 Money for a visit to the Colonel? CHICKENTENDER

23 Like a roulette wheel: SPUN

24 Callas offering: ARIA

25 LIRR org.: MTA

28 Money for some golf course features? PUTTINGGREEN

32 Coll. application stat: GPA

35 Brunch serving: CREPE

36 Trash pile emanations: ODORS

37 Good evening omen, it's said: REDSKY

39 Contract part: CLAUSE

40 Wile E. Coyote once attached one to a balloon: ANVIL

41 Soccer star with six Ballon d'Or awards: MESSI

44 __ Aviv: TEL

45 Money for government expenses? STATECAPITAL

48 Paella cooker: PAN

49 Back __: making a comeback: ATIT

50 Forum wear: TOGA

53 Money for meteorological studies? CLIMATECHANGE

58 Toyota hybrid: PRIUS

60 "__ arigato": Japanese "thanks a lot": DOMO

61 Borzoi and Brittany: DOGS

62 Ho-hum: BANAL

63 Its national animal is the Arabian oryx: OMAN

64 Let out: EMIT

65 Shift gears: SEGUE

66 Sales staff: REPS

67 Monopoly card: DEED


1 __-a-brac: BRIC

2 Baby __: candies: RUTHS

3 Begin to remove, in a way: UNZIP

4 Vessel for a spot: TEACUP

5 Close call, maybe: SAFE

6 Rotate inward while walking, as one's foot: PRONATE

7 Journey with stroking: EGOTRIP

8 Cough syrup ingredient: CODEINE

9 Sweat bit: BEAD

10 Toll booth pricing unit: AXLE

11 "Just listen": HEARMEOUT

12 Shot spot: ARM

13 "Who am __ judge?": ITO

21 __ under: give in: KNUCKLE

22 Bug: NAG

26 Succinct: TERSE

27 Early Sierra Club member Adams: ANSEL

29 Put to the test: TRY

30 Book of Samuel aggressor: GOLIATH

31 Nutritional fig.: RDA

32 Wrap one's mind around: GRASP

33 Hepta- minus two: PENTA

34 Lender's activity: ADVANCING

38 Pet-training word: SIT

39 Winter hrs. in Ill.: CST

41 Cape user: MATADOR

42 Perfect example: EPITOME

43 Structured internet listing: SITEMAP

46 Spy __: CAM

47 Really rich: LOADED

51 Pointy-hat wearer: GNOME

52 Longhorn rival: AGGIE

54 Lomi-lomi salmon might be served at one: LUAU

55 Scotland's __ of Arran: ISLE

56 Decision-making column heading: CONS

57 Began, as a co.: ESTD

58 Judy Woodruff's network: PBS

59 Actress Issa: RAE

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