LA Times Crossword answers Monday 19 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 19 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 19 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cartoonist Addams: CHAS

5 Sour substances: ACIDS

10 Parroted: APED

14 ___-poly: ROLY

15 French painter of café scenes: MANET

16 Smallest American coin: DIME

17 Mil. no-show: AWOL

18 "Fear of Flying" author Jong: ERICA

19 Herr's home: HAUS

20 Pilfered German fruit bread? STOLENSTOLLEN

23 Up until now: SOFAR

24 Timeline start: YEARONE

27 Play at the highest volume, as a radio: BLAST

31 Bravery award: MEDAL

32 Evidence of Russia's currency collapse? RUBLERUBBLE

37 Sch. in Charlottesville: UVA

38 Words said with a nod: ISEE

39 Jeweled headpiece: TIARA

40 Stadium ticket designation: SEAT

41 Harbor puller: TUG

42 "Mister Ed" dot? TITLETITTLE

44 Bow and __: ARROW

46 Cotton thread: LISLE

47 Tortoni's cousin: SPUMONE

50 Pentathlon blades: EPEES

54 Final course in the Sahara? DESERTDESSERT

58 B-movie safecracker: YEGG

60 Cheering noisily: AROAR

61 "Yes __?": ultimatum words: ORNO

62 Length times width: AREA

63 Infamous skater Harding: TONYA

64 Hall of Fame catcher Carlton: FISK

65 Marries: WEDS

66 After-lunch sandwiches: OREOS

67 Lavish bash: FETE


1 Rude and crude: CRASS

2 Genre for do-it-yourselfers: HOWTO

3 Distant and cool: ALOOF

4 One of two in seven: SYLLABLE

5 Chorus from the pews: AMEN

6 Some "Wheel" prizes: CARS

7 "What's __ for me?": INIT

8 Fake drake, say: DECOY

9 Opposite of fresh: STALE

10 Stick (to): ADHERE

11 Keyboard work for two: PIANODUET

12 Rhea's Aussie relative: EMU

13 Hôtel __ Invalides: Paris landmark: DES

21 Author __ Stanley Gardner: ERLE

22 Like a weak excuse: LAME

25 Part of USNA: NAVAL

26 Make more than merry: ELATE

28 Intro-to-painting course: ARTI

29 Exec's three-piece: SUIT

30 Little League precursor: TBALL

32 Hayworth and Rudner: RITAS

33 Seize illegally: USURP

34 Gave reluctantly: BEGRUDGED

35 Matzo __: Jewish egg dish: BREI

36 Back muscles, in the gym: LATS

40 Measures by pacing: STEPSOFF

42 Dance floor units: TWOS

43 Sights in la Méditerranée: ILES

45 Pricey watches: OMEGAS

48 "Gee, cool!": NEATO

49 Mistake in the field: ERROR

51 Creepy: EERIE

52 Dadaist Max: ERNST

53 Tend to the flames: STOKE

55 Musical quality: TONE

56 Belafonte classic: DAYO

57 Gaslight and Big Band: ERAS

58 Deviate from a course: YAW

59 Before, in odes: ERE

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